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Board Of Directors

Tacton's board is made up of leading experts in the field of complex configuration, as well as business executives with many years’ experience running multinational companies. The board supports and advises the business, ensuring Tacton’s strategic direction and long-term, profitable growth.

Alastair Sorbie

Chairman of the Board

Alastair Sorbie served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Industrial & Financial Systems AB (IFS) from 2006 until recently. He joined IFS in 1997 as managing director when IFS entered the UK market. He has worked with ERP solutions since 1981 and has held senior management positions in several global applications software product companies.

Per Vannesjö

Per is the owner and CEO of the industrial group Amymone AB. Per spent 19 years at ABB/ASEA, where he most recently held the position Senior Vice President of Business Development. He was also a member of the Swedish Executive Group.

Martin Falkevall

Martin is a Partner at Eterna Invest – a privately held investment company and Tacton shareholder. Martin sits on the Tacton Board, providing strategic support and advice. Before founding Eterna, Martin was Investment Director at InnovationsKapital, and Partner at CapMan/Swedestart. He has 16 years’ experience investing in high-growth companies and has been involved with investment in companies such as Qlicktech, 21 Grams, Bilvision and Ascade.

Lars Lunde

Prior to joining GRO Capital, Lars was Managing Director at Carnegie Investment Banking. Before this, Lars held an SVP position at Handelsbanken Capital Markets, an Associate Director position at Alfred Berg ABN AMRO and worked in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs in London.

Kim Gulstad

Kim is the CEO at Kirk Kapital. Kirk Kapital is business and investment company which seeks to create a long-term capital return for the benefit of the current shareholders. Previously Kim served as the Chief Executive Officer and Partner at Nordic Capital and before that NC Advisory A/S. Kim has been working in the Investment Banking Division at The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Dr. Klas Orsvärn


Klas has a PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences from the Royal Institute of Technology. Klas is an acknowledged authority in the field of complex configuration and has been leading research and development into configuration solutions based on Artificial Intelligence since 1987. Klas holds a PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Lars Dybkjær

Lars Dybkjær is the founding Partner of GRO Capital. Previously, Lars was Managing Partner at DKA Capital that focused on investments in mature technology companies such as TIA Technology, Secunia, Traen and Reson. Before this, Lars was Venture Partner and Head of Danisco Venture. He was also Managing Director and co-founder of Pentamind A/S. Lars has also been employed in corporate finance in London and Copenhagen, mainly at SEB Enskilda.

Christer Wallberg

Between 2001 to 2016, Christer was the CEO and President at Tacton Systems. Under his leadership Tacton grown from 19 to 200 employees and achieved year-on-year growth of 40%.
Christer has a wealth of experience developing and managing fast-growing companies. He has held management positions in industries such as biotech equipment (BioCell, Pharmacia, Biolink, MonCarb), electronics (Pricer), and software (Assistia, TenFour and now Tacton). As Executive Vice President of Pricer, he was instrumental taking the company public. He also co-founded eTRAVELi (formerly known as Seat 24). The company became the largest online travel agency in the Nordics with a 50% market share.