Board Of Directors

Tacton's board is made up of leading experts in the field of complex configuration, as well as business executives with many years’ experience running multinational companies. The board supports and advises the business, ensuring Tacton’s strategic direction and long-term, profitable growth.

Martin Falkevall


Martin is a Partner at Eterna Invest – a privately held investment company and Tacton shareholder. Martin sits on the Tacton Board, providing strategic support and advice. Before founding Eterna, Martin was Investment Director at InnovationsKapital, and Partner at CapMan/Swedestart. He has 16 years’ experience investing in high-growth companies and has been involved with investment in companies such as Qlicktech, 21 Grams, Bilvision and Ascade.

Per Vannesjö

Per is the owner and CEO of the industrial group Amymone AB. Per spent 19 years at ABB/ASEA, where he most recently held the position Senior Vice President of Business Development. He was also a member of the Swedish Executive Group.

Christer Wallberg

Executive Vice Chairman

Christer is experienced in developing and managing fast-growing companies. He has held management positions in industries such as biotech equipment (BioCell, Pharmacia, Biolink, MonCarb), electronics (Pricer), and software (Assistia, TenFour). As Executive Vice President of Pricer, Christer was instrumental taking the company public.

Mart Tiismann

Mart is an international industrial leader with a vast experience in engineering, product development, finance, mergers & acquisitions, marketing and operations. From 2008-2016 he was the President and CEO of the Sidel Group. For the past 10 years, he has been Board Director on the board of Modular Management Consultants.

Martin Henricsson

For the past 25 years, Martin has held several positions as President and CEO in IT, telecoms and internet businesses. With his solid international experience, he brings valuable knowledge to the Tacton Board and works closely with the Tacton management team. Martin is currently Chairman of EpiServer.

Peder Holm

Partner, Eterna Invest

Peder brings 16 years experience working with growth investments. As Partner at Eterna Invest, Peder has an active involvement in the Tacton Board and the strategic direction of the company. Before founding Eterna, Peder was Partner and Investment Director at InnovationsKapital where he worked with fast-growing companies such as Altitun, Carmen Systems, Heptagon and Kreatel.

Dr. Klas Orsvärn


Klas has a PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences from the Royal Institute of Technology. Klas is an acknowledged authority in the field of complex configuration and has been leading research and development into configuration solutions based on Artificial Intelligence since 1987. Klas holds a PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences from the Royal Institute of Technology.