Seeing is Believing with Visual Configuration

Manufacturers have long struggled to showcase their product portfolio in an interactive and engaging way. Text-based descriptions won’t fly with the modern B2B buyer. Visualization and Augmented Reality (AR) showcase your products in an impressive way instead of relying on old methods. Increase the chance of closing the deal by allowing the customer to create their own product on their own, or side by side with a sales rep.

Engage Your Customers with Visual Configuration

Visual configuration is the solution for empowering your customers to get more out of your product. Real-time visuals allow your buyer to understand how different features change the configuration of their product. With visuals, your customer, even non-technical, can configure a valid and custom product on their own.

Experience Products in an interactive way with Augmented Reality

An interactive and visual product configuration conveys a better understanding of the product, creating trust between your customer and your sales team. Using AR technology and a smartphone camera, the configured object can be experienced directly in the real-life environment. Modifiable components can be easily moved and repositioned using drag-and-drop. Both the visualization and the AR object are updated in real-time. Customers see the configured product in real-time and can be convinced that it fits.

Reduce Costly Miscommunications

The smallest details count when it comes to selling manufacturing products. Visualization creates a mutual understanding between you and your valued customer. Costly miscommunications are significantly reduced by providing more accurate expectations. Lack of product knowledge, misunderstandings and different expectations cut into revenue, margin and customer experience.

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