Please join our requested webinar on Excel plugin!

Excel is a very useful tool for pre-processing, organizing and managing Tacton component data. In this seminar, we will go through a few useful tricks for reducing the amount of manual work and reduce the risk of data errors.


The only expected prerequisite is a basic understanding of how the rundown format relates to the classes and components in a TCX file, i.e.


Components start on row 3 whereas row 1 is reserved for feature domains and row 2 for feature names.

Features start in column D whereas columns A is reserved for component names, column B for component descriptions and column C for the class that he component belongs to.

If a row has the character # in its A column, it will be treated as a comment and not exported to the TCX file.

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11 June, 2018

2pm CET

Kristoffer Mellberg

Principal Business Consultant