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Engineers vs. Sales People

  You know that table in the lunch room where all your engineers and sales people eat together, chatting and laughing? No? So, the engineers Read More >>

The holy grail of standardization

When a typical company buys a typical software package, something typical happens: A conflict. It’s sort of standard that what’s standard doesn’t meet the company’s standard. So, Read More >>

The new industry standards

CPQ and the new industry standards You’ve heard the buzz. You’ve read the blogs. And you know that Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things Read More >>

The Hero

The Hero’s Quest The lights dim slowly. The movie is just about to begin. Once again, I will watch the same old story unfold before Read More >>

Configuration and football

The optimization dilemma If you live in Europe you probably know about the ongoing 2016 UEFA European championship in football*. In every corner of Europe Read More >>