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Tacton Configure Price Quote (CPQ) ソリューションは、複雑な製品の設定、設計および


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CPQ - Configure Price Quote

多くの場合たいへん時間がかかります。 営業担当者は、製品のスペシャリストに相談しなければならないことが多くあるでしょう。

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私どもは、お客様が設計ツールである SOLIDWORKS を導入されることにより設計プロセスの生産性を向上されることを確信しております。 また、TactonWorks を SOLIDWORKS に加えることにより、いっそうの投資効果を実現されることでしょう。

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Our customers

  • Tacton was the only solution we found that makes it possible to approach a configuration from different angles. Regardless of the customer’s starting point, the software always calculates the best solution by working with constraints on business rules instead of running down a decision tree.

    Koen Boot, CIO, Vencomatic

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  • I know many companies hesitate to introduce a configurator because they think – our products cannot be structured or streamlined in a good way or, our combinations are too complicated. We also heard these comments in our company. There were people who said it wouldn’t be possible, but it was. The configurator helped us overcome those concerns and even convinced the “experts” sitting on the product knowledge.

    Dr Klos, General Manager, Yaskawa Europe Robotics Division

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  • The beauty of the Tacton Configurator is that it will guide the sales rep through the sale and get the configuration of the product and quotation correct each time. It now takes us only five minutes to generate a complete budget offer including pricing. This saves us tremendous amounts of time and money.

    Jan Nilsson, Senior Engineer CRM Process & IT Development, Siemens

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  • The drawings for complex shaft arrangements can now be produced in as little as 20 minutes, where this process previously took between 24 and 60 hours.

    Pär Hallgren,

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  • In the water treatment industry, lead-time is often more important than price. With the combined SolidWorks and TactonWorks solution, once our proposal is accepted, design goes through engineering in just a few days, then out to fabrication. This type of automation has been a key factor in our business growth.

    Brian Bartholomew, Senior Project Engineer, ClearStream Environmental

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