Yaskawa is the world’s leading supplier of robotic solutions.

Learn how the company transformed its quotation process and reduced time to produce sales quotes from eight days to one day. The accuracy and quality of quotations has increased dramatically and sales reps can now configure products and produce quotes without assistance from product specialists.

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ABB icon Over 500,000 rules replaced by 150 constraints.
FL Smidth icon Streamlined product configuration, design and proposal generation.
GE Healthcare icon Sales cycle shortened from several months to just days.
Meyn icon Quotation time reduced by 60%.
Siemens icon Quotation time slashed from 8 weeks to 10 minutes.
VAK Oy icon Achieved major time savings by modularizing assemblies and automating design.
Yaskawa icon Time to produce sales quotes reduced from 8 days to 1 day.
TactonWorks Batch icon TactonWorks Batch enables you to batch-run design automation projects defined in TactonWorks Studio.
TactonWorks Engineer icon TactonWorks Engineer enables you to quickly and interactively capture end-customer requirements.
TactonWorks Server icon TactonWorks Server enables you to run design automation projects, defined in TactonWorks Studio, on a remote server.
TactonWorks Studio icon TactonWorks Studio enables set up and maintenance of design automation projects from inside the CAD system SolidWorks made by Dassault Systems.
Sudoku Solver icon Enter your values and let the Tacton Sudoku Solver help you