Design Automation Companies that manufacture complex or highly customized products often struggle with the large amount of manual work involved in specifying and designing custom products.  Engineers and designers can spend days, even weeks producing drawings and configuring models for customer requests. It’s time-consuming, error-prone and creates bottlenecks.

Tacton’s design automation software makes it dramatically simpler for your team to configure and design complex products.

The solution captures the knowledge of your best product specialists and automates away routine and repetitive design tasks. With the Tacton solution you can configure, design and deliver customized products radically faster, reduce costs and free up valuable engineering time.

Tacton’s design automation solution is based on the patented technology in the Tacton product configurator – a constraints engine that solves the complex task of configuring the product. The solution works seamlessly with several major CAD solutions such as Dassault SOLIDWORKS and AutoDesk Inventor- which support the design process.

Speed up the design process – respond faster

Lead time is often a key factor for many customers – sometimes even more critical than price. With design automation from Tacton you can radically shorten the design process, helping you to respond faster – both with accurate proposals, and with the delivery of the finished product. Our customers typically see design cycle time reduced from weeks to days and from days to hours – sometimes even minutes!

Save time and money by eliminating errors

Errors made during the sales process have a knock-on effect down the line – where every invalid selection in a specification or incorrect dimension on a drawing can cause disruptions and delays. These errors can be expensive and frustrating and ultimately delay getting the product to your customer.

Tacton’s design automation solution eliminates these errors and improves the flow of information across sales, design, engineering and manufacturing. Because design constraints are already defined within the Tacton system, you can be confident about the integrity of the design. Any invalid choices or conflicts are picked up and flagged automatically. The configurator instead suggests an optimized solution or alternatively offers an explanation for why a selection is invalid. Not only is this a huge time-saver, it also eliminates costly reworks and back charges due to design errors.

Let engineers and designers focus on innovating

By automating away routine design tasks, your team can design more with less work. When engineering and design are freed from mundane CAD work, they can focus instead on where they really add value – innovating new products and improving existing ones.

Many of our customers have found that by automating configuration and design they can harness their engineering expertise in a smarter way. They are developing more new and improved products, and they are getting them to market faster than the competition.

Design automation helps you sell

Tacton’s design automation software helps you to produce accurate, high-quality sales quotes with detailed drawings in a fraction of the time it usually takes. Your sales team will no longer have to wait for engineering to validate product configurations or manually produce sales drawings. Instead, 2D drawings and 3D models are automatically and dynamically generated during the sales configuration.

The visualization capabilities in the 3D product configurator allows the customer to view a three-dimensional representation their product. This can be enormously helpful during the sales process. When a customer can see their product, it aids understanding and helps give confidence in the buying decision.

With design automation from Tacton you can:

  • Design more with fewer resources
  • Save time and money by automating routine tasks
  • Respond faster and more accurately to customers
  • Free up designers and engineers to focus on R&D
  • Adapt to market changes more quickly
  • Reduce dependency on key personnel
  • Eradicate errors in the design process