Design AutomationWe’re confident that your investment in SolidWorks design tools increased productivity in your design process. You’ll realize even more of your investment by adding TactonWorks design automation to SolidWorks.

Speed Up the Design Process

Before our customers began working with us, they struggled with long design processes caused by the lengthy time it took to customize each product or solution for each customer. Design automation with TactonWorks eliminates this problem. The design time is reduced to a fraction of what it used to be. Your design department will spend its time improving existing products, designing new ones, and proactively participating in customer support. This develops your business. TactonWorks reduces the design customization time from weeks to hours and from hours to minutes. It’s easy to get started because no programing skills are required to set up the design rules.

This means:

  • More design is performed using fewer resources.
  • A valid design is generated every time even when some fields are not filled in.
  • No programming skills are needed to set up the product rules and maintain them.
  • No need to run additional software, TactonWorks runs next to the assembly document in SolidWorks.
  • Ability to view changes made directly within SolidWorks.
  • Dramatic reduction in the time it takes to make variants of a product by customizing and changing an existing drawing instead of reworking an old one.
  • Save time and money by automating the routine engineering tasks in the design-to-order process and let the engineers focus on developing your products.
  • The ability to batch-generate designs for catalogs, etc.


Design Automation with Tacton

It is of outmost importance for a business to get the configuration and sales of its product correct right from the start. Mistakes made in the initial sale will have substantial negative effects on the rest of the process of getting the products to your customer. This will cost your company large amounts of money as well as time.

TactonWorks design automation will prevent errors, improve communication throughout your entire organization, and make it easier to accommodate your customers from start to finish.

All our customers have noticed tremendous productivity gains after implementing TactonWorks. Design time has gone from weeks to days or even hours. This has given our customers significant competitive advantage and helped them to set them apart from the competition.

The following is a typical process from sales to assembly in a manufacturing company. We want to show you how TactonWorks can be used in all departments and what challenges it will help you overcome.

Invest in design automation by adding TactonWorks to SolidWorks!