Tacton CPQ

Sets a new standard for sales productivity and industrial excellence in manufacturing

  • Drives revenue growth and profitability by making it simpler and faster to sell complex products
  • Increases efficiency by automating the quotation process and eliminating order errors
  • Supports smart manufacturing by enabling new levels of connectedness, flexibility, speed and insight

Helps your team sell the right product - every time

Tacton CPQ helps your sales team to position the offering that has the best chance of winning the deal. Needs-based Guided Selling captures the requirements that matter to your customer.

Connect sales and manufacturing. Eliminate order errors

With Tacton CPQ, you can automate the entire sales engineering process. Because the configurator validates the complete solution space after each selection, the proposed solution is always 100% correct, down to the Bill-of-Material (BOM) level. This connects sales and manufacturing in an entirely new way, ensuring that they are always in sync, and removing error-prone information handovers.

A dramatically faster quotation process

Accurate, high-quality proposals with supporting documentation are generated automatically. This speeds up the quotation process significantly, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Editions & Options

Tacton CPQ is available in two editions – Professional and Enterprise.


Ready-to-use, industry-specific templates, processes and workflows - for companies looking for a standard solution.


CPQ that can be configured to fit your unique business requirements.

  • Constraint-based configurator with complete solution space validation
  • Global optimization
  • Predefined pricing models
  • Configurable pricing models
  • Mass configuration management
  • Proposal document templates
  • Configurable proposal documents
  • Predefined workflows and approvals
  • Predefined dashboards incl. notifications & funnel tracking
  • Predefined roles and permissions
  • Collaboration features
  • Internationalization
  • Configurable business processes
  • Rule management and quality assurance
  • Product data management
  • CAD Automation
On Request
On Request
  • 3D Visualization
On Request
  • Tacton Academy training
  • Tacton CPQ Mobile for iOS
  • Product Support
  • Product Maintenence
  • Access to web service API
  • Business Data for SAP
  • Business Logic for SAP

See Tacton CPQ In Action

See guided selling in action as the customer’s requirements are captured via needs-based questions. Watch as bills of materials and quotation documents are generated automatically when the configuration is confirmed.


Product Options

CAD Automation

Tacton Design Automation is the integration of the Tacton CPQ and the two leading CAD systems, SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor, providing the most powerful design automation capabilities available on the market today.

Tacton CPQ for iOS

Configure and sell customized products from your iOS mobile device.

Tacton CPQ for SAP

Leverage your SAP investment with advanced configuration, pricing and quoting from Tacton.

Tacton CPQ Visualizer

Put a new spin on the customer experience – and watch your sales take off with interactive 3D visualization.

Tacton CPQ Customers