Tacton’s smart manufacturing software solutions connect customer with
product and factory
Tacton recognized by Gartner in its latest Magic Quadrant for CPQ Application Suites
Tacton recognized by Gartner as the go-to CPQ for manufacturers in latest Magic Quadrant for CPQ Application Suites.


By focusing first and foremost on your customers’ requirements, Tacton transforms the way you do
business, leading to better sales, more efficient operations, and happier customers. Our SaaS
(Software as a Service) solutions radically reduce time spent on upgrades and maintenance, letting
you concentrate on your core business - making what your customer really needs.


Better Sales
Generate faster, more personal, error-free quotes and free up sales teams to offer the right product - first time, every time
Efficient Operations
Increase revenue and reduce costs with one single point of administration. Reduce time to market and increase profitability
Customer Experience
Engage with your customers, working alongside them to find real-time solutions, driving customer loyalty and satisfaction throughout the process
Strategic Advantage
Cutting edge technologies, from AI to VR, let you interact as never before, while Cloud-based solutions future proof your business


Tacton never stops innovating, always asking ourselves how we can improve the customer experience. Our 20 years of AI development have resulted in a uniquely flexible and powerful configurator, while our Cloud-based solutions offer true mobility. Visual Configuration, combined with our Augmented Reality app, let the customer see and interact with the product in real time, contextualizing even the most complex of designs.

Why Tacton

Customer Focus
We put the customer at the heart of the smart manufacturing process, solving real world problems with innovative and highly customized technical solutions. We help you build relationships with your customers - not just products
Manufacturing Expertise
With extensive industry expertise, working with some of the most advanced manufacturers in the world, we understand the challenges of high variance, high complexity manufacturing. We look at the problems of tomorrow, anticipating the challenges of Industry 4.0
Unique AI Engine
20 years of development have created a powerful, constraints-based configurator with one single, central source of data. The result? The latest, most accurate information, leading to error-free quotes. We help you improve customer satisfaction at every stage, from order to delivery.
Connect the Organization
Integrating seamlessly with all systems simplifies processes and brings people together, delivering value throughout sales, engineering and factory, empowering your teams to do what they do best


The lion’s share of our sales comes from standard products, but it’s often our ability to offer customized solutions that wins us new business.
Mats Toftebrant


Tacton is the most important sales tool we have. It is easy, fast and we can’t work without it!
Martin Björklund

Sales tools responsible, Swisslog

Tacton was the only solution we found that makes it possible to approach a configuration from different angles. Regardless of the customer’s starting point, the
Koen Boot

CIO, Vencomatic

I know many companies hesitate to introduce a configurator because they think – our products cannot be structured or streamlined in a good way or,
Dr Klos

General Manager, Yaskawa Europe Robotics Division

We quickly understood that a sequential, rule-based configurator would never meet our needs. We didn’t want to have to answer the same question over and
Sicco Saft

Business Analyst, Meyn

The beauty of the Tacton Configurator is that it will guide the sales rep through the sale and get the configuration of the product and
Jan Nilsson

Senior Engineer CRM Process & IT Development, Siemens

In the water treatment industry, lead-time is often more important than price. With the combined SolidWorks and TactonWorks solution, once our proposal is accepted, design
Brian Bartholomew

Senior Project Engineer, ClearStream Environmental

“In the past, we did everything to the customer’s wishes. Today, the customer still has this perception, but we are in fact supplying a configured
Marcel Walvoort

Manager Product Configurator, Kramp


Advanced constraints-based configuration makes it
easier and faster for your sales teams to quote and
sell complex products in real time, dramatically
increasing sales revenue
Design Automation
Design automation makes designing and selling custom
products as fast and easy as for standard products.


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