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Tacton offers four implementation options to suit your organization and your budget

implementation options

Our flexible approach ensures that your team gets the help they need when they need it.

Do-it-yourself with the Implementation Support Package

For companies that want to be self-sufficient and build competence within the team

With the right in-house resources, plus training and support from Tacton, your team can both implement and run Tacton solutions.  Many of our customers have already successfully chosen this approach.

Through a combination of Tacton Academy classes, design workshops and ongoing coaching and support, your product specialists can become self-reliant.

Tacton’s tools are intuitive, and no specific programming expertise is needed to either set up or maintain the solution.

The package will get you up and running with configuration modelling and design of document templates.

After the implementation is complete, your organization will be capable of maintaining the solution in-house.

Resource consulting

For companies that want to run their own project with help from Tacton consultants

Some companies have extensive experience running IT projects, and prefer to have control over all aspects of the project. Or perhaps the Tacton solution is part of a wider project, where interdependencies make it impossible to run a Tacton implementation discretely.

If you want to maintain full control of an implementation, and handle the full responsibility, but at the same time have access to Tacton know-how, then the Resource Consulting option is a good choice. Here, one or more full-time Tacton consultants join your project as part of your team for the duration of the implementation, or for as long as is required.

Tacton-driven implementation

For companies that want to outsource the implementation

If you would like Tacton to implement your project, our services organization can take on implementations of all sizes. Our proven 3-step implementation methodology – D3 – is backed by knowledgeable, experienced consultants and proven tools and processes.

The model is complemented by a web-based project portal and issue management system. The three phases of the D3 methodology are: Define, Develop and Deploy.

Implement with a Tacton partner

For companies that want to have access to local consultants

If a local presence in your country is critical to your project, or if you need implementation support in your local language, a Partner Implementation could be the right option for you.

Tacton’s partners are seasoned experts in delivering Tacton solutions, and we are continually expanding our service partner network.

15 + years of CPQ and manufacturing know-how

The engineers and consultants at Tacton are some of the best and most experienced in the field. With a deep understanding of the manufacturing sector, we can advise on modularity, and how to get the most out of your solution in engineer-to-order or configure-to-order environments. Over the years, Tacton has built a tremendous reputation for configuration and CPQ projects that come in on time, on budget, exceed expectations, and bring measurable value to our customers.