What’s new in TactonWorks 4.7

This webinar covers what’s new in the 4.7 TactonWorks release. This is the last version where the product is called TactonWorks. From now on it will be called Tacton Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS.Some of the Highlights in TactonWorks 4.7Deploy Model It is now possible to Deploy to TCX (and Deploy and Embed). This will compile the Tacton model (*.tcx) with all its included Tacton models into one master model.Sub-groups It is now possible to create Sub-groups in the User Interface. Sub-groups are indented from parent in the runtime.New GUI Type The first is Text Area that will render a field similar to Text Box but will display between 2 to 5 rows, and after that it adds a scrollbar. The text area allows carriage returns. The other is Date that will render a calendar widget that lets you select a date.Pause and Delete This feature concerns Server and Batch. Added a Pause functionality that will put the job queue on hold. Delete and remove data functionality has been added.Go to Reference Using Ctrl + Left Mouse Button click on a reference will now jump to that object, for example:
  • On the Table used in “Use Variant Table” on a Component.
  • Table or Custom Domain used as the Domain of an Attribute or Feature.
  • Content of a Field, i.e. Attribute referenced on a Field.
  • Component referenced as path of a Collection.
Length: 17.22 minutesPresenter: Mathias Storm, Product Manager

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