CPQ Basic Certification

This certification is designed for participants who have recently gone through the first Tacton CPQ trainings, CPQ Basic training and CPQ Application configuration. A major part of the certification is practical assignments and the participant will also learn a lot during the certification process. The certification is normally done remotely. (2-3 days)

Tacton CPQ Visualization

The visualization logic controls what parts of the visualization to show where and when and even how. This course teaches how to control the visualization based on the interaction with product configuration and the user. (2 days)

Tacton CPQ Basic Training

The objective for this course is to cover the basics of Tacton CPQ and is a prerequisite for the other CPQ courses. It is the introductory course to Tacton CPQ and the administration. The course explains the different actorsin Tacton CPQ, the main workflow and the objects involved. (1 day)

Tacton CPQ Document Generation

An introduction to Tacton document generator products, hands-on exercises with Tacton CPQ to get a basic understanding of the Tacton document generation solution. (1 day)

Tacton CPQ Pricing

Pricing training explains how to create and maintain pricing models within Tacton CPQ. It contains a general introduction to pricing and practical exercises. (1 day)