Product Modeling Basic Training

An introduction to the Tacton Product modeling. Participants will work hands-on with product modeling in Tacton Administration, to get a basic understanding of Tacton back-end products and solutions. (3 days)

Modeling Certification

The certification is designed for participants who have recently gone through the first modeling training week; Modeling Basic, Methodology and Testing. As a major part of the certification is practical work, the participant will learn a lot also during the certification process. The certification is normally done remotely. (4 days)

TCsite for Modelers

Teaches modelers how to create models and customize the UI for the TCSite sales application. Using a combination of model tags and TCSite resources, participants will carry out hands-on exercises that adapt a model so that it looks and works the way a professional model should in TCSite. (0.5 day)

Modeling Testing Training

The course gives the participants a foundation for quality assurance in projects. The training is based on using the Testbench, which is a part of TCstudio, and by using debugging methods. The course offers a mix of both theoretical parts, as well as practical hands-on exercises. (1 day)

Modeling Advanced Training

Theoretical introduction as well as practical hands-on experience of the more advanced and powerful concepts and tools available in the Tacton modelling tool (TCStudio). (2 days)