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Address: 108 Avenue de Fontainebleau, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, FRANCE

Email: contact@itcelerator.fr

Phone Number: +33 6 70 25 59 40

Introduction: ITCelerator helps manufacturers accelerate sales and increase revenue by implementing CPQ solutions and interfaces them to CRM.
ITCelerator is a french consultancy firm founded by Stéphane KORS, a senior consultant who has been involved in over 80 CPQ french projects.
With two competency centers located in Paris (Le Kremlin Bicêtre) and in Normandy (Louviers), our dozen of skilled consultants provide expertise covering everything from scoping to delivery based on a proven and agile implementation methodology.
ITCelerator is also a training center under state license able to deliver french speaking trainings and custom sessions fitted to your business and that can be funded.
ITCelerator is the ideal local partner for Tacton in France.

Link: https://itcelerator.fr