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Topsoe Achieves Speed, Accuracy, and Access to Market with Tacton CPQ

Topsoe is a global leader in chemical processing technology. Founded in 1940 by Dr. Haldor Topsøe in Denmark, with 1 billion euros in revenue and 2,400 employees, Topsoe has become a leader in their field: developer and provider of solutions and technologies to produce fuels and chemicals essential to the energy transition. Today, Topsoe delivers a wide range of catalysts and process technology that is essential for producing clean fuels from crude oil and waste, removing harmful emissions from power plants, and raising the efficiency of industrial processes. Topsoe has been using Tacton since 2016 and Tacton CPQ since 2021. With Tacton CPQ’s integration to Salesforce and to other internal systems, Topsoe has achieved:

  • Speed and accuracy in sales and quoting, creating customer trust
  • Consistency in quote content and branding across all market and across quote revisions
  • Ease of use for sales staff
  • Decreased IT maintenance costs with Tacton CPQ SaaS
  • The CPQ has become the single source of truth for product and pricing data, breaking silos in the organization.