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CPQ for Power Generation

Power the Energy Solutions of the Future with CPQ Software for Power Generation


Supercharge Your Sales Pitch and Customer Experience with CPQ

Manufacturing engines and turbines for your power generation customers offers unique challenges for your sales and engineering team. Slow quoting leads your customers to consider other options. No two customers are the same which requires customized solutions with low order quantity leading to challenging configuration process with thin margins. Combine that with different regulations and scarce resources across the globe, and this can easily lead to many costly errors.

Tacton CPQ software is the solution that enables manufacturers across the world that creates a streamlined process for creating highly configurable products. Using strong internal solutions can give your team a chance to give a one of a kind omnichannel buying and selling experience.

Address any challenges with CPQ for Power Generation


Fast, Accurate Quoting

Create 100% accurate quotes in minutes instead of days using Tacton CPQ


Handle Any Product Variance

Utilize CPQ to handle any product variance from regulations to client specifications


Always Use Reliable Information

Quit relying on spread sheets for product updates and negotiations. With CPQ items are updated automatically through the cloud


Ready to Learn More about how Tacton CPQ Transformed Siemens?

Discover how we helped Power Generation expert Siemens digitalize their internal processes and customer experience with Tacton. Get the success story or watch our webinar with Siemens!

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