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Get started with the most experienced CPQ implementation team in the world


About the team

  • Global delivery team​ with dual headquarters in Chicago and Stockholm. Regional offices in Germany, Poland and Japan​
  • Focused on high variance manufacturing​
  • Over 200 successful SaaS CPQ projects delivered since 2017​
  • Over 190+ years of combined experience as Tacton consultants​
  • 571+ years of combined industrial experience for all consultants ​

A Typical Tacton Implementation

Tacton projects are designed to deliver value to your business in the shortest amount of time possible. Typically, these projects are scoped and delivered over multiple phases. The scope of each is decided upon prior to the start of the project

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Tacton's Customer Journey

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    Every successful Tacton implementation project needs a discovery phase. Tacton will work with your team to understand your products, processes, integrations and data. Using that information Tacton will provide you a statement of work designed to ensure you get maximum value out of the platform and so that you can self administer the platform going forward.

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    Your journey with Tacton begins with the onboarding process. Onboarding is a critical step towards delivering on the agreed upon business outcomes. Our goal is to build a solid foundation as a springboard for future interactions throughout your journey with us. We use this time to enable you so that after the initial implementation you can take over the ownership and enhance and maintain your platform and your data on your own.

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    You are now established in your implementation journey! Your inhouse resources are up-to speed and knowledgeable about CPQ and take over larger and larger pieces of the implementation. Tacton’s Success Delivery is on your side to support you to the right extent. ​

    Your solution is partly in production and is intensively tested by your users. The implementation at this point targets to focus on accelerating the business value.​

    One of the main tasks in this phase is preparing your organization for using CPQ and driving extensive change management.

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    At this point of your journey, you have a stable solution that is partly or fully in production. You have processes in place to release enhancements to your CPQ and to train your users. Continuous data maintenance has become a routine and is managed within your company. For any challenges beyond these daily operations, you have access to Tacton Support. The Customer Success Manager is on your side to advise how to maximize your value and how to extend usage even further within your organization.

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