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CPQ for Industrial Manufacturing

Optimize Your Selling with CPQ for Industrial Manufacturing Pricing and quotations are two of the most time-consuming parts of your manufacturing process. Eliminate the bottleneck and speed up your workflow with real-time pricing and quote generation with Tacton CPQ Software.

Error Prone Quoting Processes are Costing You Time and Money

From robotics to material processing your manufacturing operation has struggled with time consuming and error prone quotations that cause delays and added costs. That’s not even mentioning your sales team having to manually create quotes and chasing product and pricing information. Finding the right industrial manufacturing software can give you teams a distinct competitive advantage by offering a unique customer centered buying journey.

Tacton CPQ software for manufacturing can help sell robots, or material treatments that can streamline your internal processes while improving your customers’ experience.  In addition to CPQ Tacton Visual Configuration can give your customers real-time visuals that enable them to see the smallest product detail for increased win-rate and satisfaction.

Address any challenges with CPQ for Industrial Manufacturing


100% Quote and Configuration Accuracy

Create 100% customized quotes in minutes instead of days using Tacton CPQ


Work with Any Variance

Utilize CPQ to deal with any client specifications and variants with a single source of truth


Become Truly Customer Centric

Handle any customer request with ease using needs-based configuration, while also offering an omnichannel experience complete with self-service

  • Transition from Sales to Manufacturing

    Make product customization easy and seamless! With our industrial manufacturing software, you can automate CAD drawings while producing stunning visualizations to help move your products from sales to production with minimal effort.

  • Close the Deal Faster

    Increase the efficiency of your sales process with dynamic pricing and streamlined product configuration. Stay ahead of market trends while providing customers with personalized solutions to meet their needs.

  • Ultimate Mass Customization

    Move to the mass customization model with a CPQ manufacturing tool that provides instant feedback on what is possible, with pricing to match.

  • Discover the Power of CPQ for Manufacturing

    In an era where mass customization has supplanted standardized, mass-produced products, your business must undergo a digital transformation to revolutionize your processes and streamline your business.

    Equipment manufacturer CPQ solutions from Tacton provide the support you need to make these changes happen.

  • Configure Products Visually

    With 3D product visualization, customers can customize their products in real-time and get instant insight into pricing options. This cost-effective method helps businesses offer clients the best value for money while ensuring efficient decision-making processes.

  • Real-Time Pricing

    Tacton’s Quoting software for manufacturing allows you to calculate prices in real-time based on your set pricing rules. With an advanced pricing engine, you can avoid misquoting your prices that eat into your margins.

    This enables customers to optimize their products according to their budgets.

  • Generate Quotes Instantly

    Manufacturing quotes with CPQ streamlines the entire quoting process, giving your sales team lightning-fast accuracy when working with customers! Get rid of cumbersome Excel spreadsheets – now you can centralize every quote within one powerful manufacturing quoting software.

  • Auto-Generation for Custom Engineering

    Your CPQ for manufacturing is equipped with the custom engineering documents needed to achieve true CAD automation.

    This advanced CPQ functionality best handles CAD files, 3D renderings, and BOMs for complex manufacturing projects. Once an order has been confirmed, the relevant documents are delivered to the correct department or facility.

  • Engineer-to-Order Capabilities

    Your industry CPQ automatically delivers shop-floor-ready documents to your engineering team, allowing reviews to occur before the work happens.

    An authentic engineer-to-order process reduces manufacturing mistakes, lets you maintain strict timelines, and keeps your customers happy.

  • Create a Guided Selling Experience

    Take the guesswork out of industrial equipment manufacturing with Tacton CPQ! Customers can now independently explore options and order what they need without dealing directly with a live salesperson. This innovative solution brings convenience to buyers all around!

    Additionally, the self-service approach to manufacturing prevents bottlenecks and aligns with the contemporary buyer’s expectations of speed, efficiency, and quality.

  • Reduce Training Costs with Guided Selling

    Replace expensive training programs and resources with built-in guided selling. This seller-centric process supports companies and their sales teams in using data to guide prospects toward the products that are right for them.

    Our end-to-end guided selling functionality helps sales reps uncover customer needs and increase win rates.

What Does Manufacturing CPQ Do?

CPQ solutions for manufacturing are designed to produce quotes and process orders through automation. By removing the manual steps, manufacturers have more time to focus on their customers. With the average sales rep spending two-thirds of their time on repetitive tasks, a CPQ for manufacturing enables your organization to take a more customer-centric approach. Moreover, Tacton goes the extra mile by connecting to your internal systems to increase visibility, provide a self-service approach, and reduce errors over the customer lifecycle. This investment saves money, increases efficiency, and bolsters your performance. Good manufacturing CPQ software goes beyond just configuring, pricing, and quoting. It also can integrate with your existing system for a truly seamless workflow. For instance, interfacing with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms ensures that the CPQ software always has an accurate knowledge of your inventory levels. Furthermore, good equipment manufacturing software must have data analytics and reporting tools. These enable you to gauge the performance of the quoting process, improve the workflow, and make data-driven decisions.

Our CPQ Solutions for Manufacturing: Features

  • 3D Visualization

    Customers can now create unique products tailored to their exact needs. With our 3D visualization feature, customers can experience the transformation of their customized items with every change they make!

    Customers can angle, rotate, and inspect the finished product from every angle based on materials, dimensions, and add-ons.

  • CAD Automation

    Create 2D and 3D CAD drawings for any product automatically, allowing your engineering team to review and obtain shop-ready documents immediately. No prior CAD skills or experience are required.

  • Omnichannel Sales

    Expand your reach with Tacton CPQ for manufacturing that works with all sales channels. This omnichannel sales feature allows you to utilize the same product and pricing definitions everywhere to create a consistent self-service experience for partners and end-users.

  • In-Depth Analytics

    Give your sales team the information they require to make intelligent decisions. This solution feeds insights into your business intelligence tools providing data on your product portfolio, manufacturing processes, sales cycle, and pricing strategies.

  • Cloud Compatibility

    With Tacton’s cloud-based CPQ for manufacturing, your sales reps can easily access the right tools to close deals anytime and anywhere. Give them the power of infinite possibility — equip them with a solution that allows flexibility on any device, even in front of customers.

  • Mobile-Ready

    Keep your sales reps connected and provide customers with accurate quotes, no matter where their day takes them, with your CPQ app.

    With full mobile compatibility, reps can generate on-demand estimates right from their device – ensuring you always stay ahead of the competition.

  • Powerful Integration

    With Tacton, you don’t have to worry about a large-scale restructuring of existing systems. What’s more, manufacturing for configure-price quote capabilities are seamlessly integrated with CRM platforms like Dynamics and Salesforce, making it easier for your business operations to keep running smoothly!

  • Complete Customization

    Set your pricing parameters using our advanced engine. Companies can customize their CPQ to match the needs of their customers and business. Moreover, you can make changes from a simple user interface.

Why Tacton?

Launch your business’s digital transformation to efficiently handle complex orders and transition into the automated mass customization manufacturing era. Our best-in-class CPQ solutions for manufacturers are designed to provide a self-serve purchasing process offering robust visualizations, error-free pricing, and convenient quoting. At Tacton, we take pride in being one of the leading SaaS companies in the manufacturing industry. For over 25 years, we’ve supported manufacturers in confronting the challenges of a changing world while aligning their businesses with their target markets. To discover the power of Tacton’s CPQ for manufacturing, contact us to schedule your free demo.

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Industrial Manufacturing Software: FAQs


What Is Industrial Manufacturing Software?

Industrial manufacturing software is any solution or platform that’s designed to streamline the manufacturing process.

Most such software aims to automate certain parts of the workflow. For example, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) can help create a product design, while a Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system can produce it automatically.

But for the most part, manufacturing software facilitates the easy flow of information throughout the production pipeline.

For example, Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems can help you track materials, order easily, and maintain vendor relationships. On the other hand, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics can help give you insights on your production performance and resource utilization.


How Does CPQ Software Work?

CPQ software is composed of three distinct components or steps.

The first is configuration. This module lets you create product designs, but within set rules. This ensures that the product adheres to engineering constraints and can be manufactured feasibly.

Once the product is configured, the CPQ software can calculate the price based on the components, materials, and estimated overhead. Some software, like Tacton CPQ, can also supply pricing schemes such as discounts or promotions.

Finally, the CPQ system creates a professional quote, including all the necessary information, such as the product blueprint, price breakdowns, and terms. This can then be used during sales calls or for approval by managers.


Do You Need To Be an Expert To Use Manufacturing CPQ Software?

CPQ software, for the most part, is designed to be as easy to use and intuitive as possible. After all, their primary goal is to help speed up the manufacturing and sales process.

For example, many CPQ software have visual configurators that allow you to manipulate a product visually. This graphical representation and visual feedback make it easy for even novices to put together complex product designs quickly.

Furthermore, reputable CPQ software includes lots of user-friendly features such as an intuitive UI, guided workflows, and comprehensive documentation. A good plus is that most software is also easily accessible through different devices.

But at the same time, experts can also maximize the platform to its full potential through deep customization tools and advanced capabilities.


What Makes Tacton CPQ Different From Other Generic CPQ Solutions?

Tacton CPQ is built specifically for manufacturing companies, unlike a generic CPQ. Industry-specific processes, workflows, and constraints are all accounted for, which helps give you accurate quotations and pricing.

The biggest benefit is that Tacton CPQ is designed to handle intricate and complex products. It can encounter multiple options, components, dependencies, and engineering rules while still producing accurate pricing. Furthermore, it can also manage high levels of product customization quite well.


How Easily Does Tacton’s CPQ Integrate With My Business?

One of Tacton CPQ’s best traits is its ability to integrate with existing systems in your production pipeline. This allows anyone in your organization – from product designers to sales agents – to access the capabilities and data that Tacton CPQ can provide.

For example, Tacton can seamlessly interface with your Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software so you can quickly take your products from idea to pricing immediately. You can also connect CPQ to your CRM software so you can automate the sending of quotes to the right customers?

With Tacton CPQ’s high level of integration, you can ensure that it works well with your existing pipeline from day one.


What Features Should a Manufacturing CPQ Have?

At the minimum, CPQ software should have a visual configurator that enables anyone to build product designs from scratch. It should be highly configurable, adapting to diverse and complex manufacturing quite easily. This should be backed up by a powerful rule engine that can effectively enforce engineering rules and constraints.

A dynamic pricing engine is also vital. It should handle multiple variables and terms, such as volume discounts, while still giving an accurate price.

Workflow automation is also desirable, such as the ability to transition from quotations to order automatically with minimal manual intervention.

Finally, good CPQ software should have extensive user training and responsive customer support to resolve issues quickly.

Fortunately, these are all present in Tacton’s CPQ software.

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