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CPQ for Elevators and Lifts

Create Your Custom Products Using CPQ Software for Elevators and Lifts

Elevate Your Sales Pitch and Customer Experience with Tacton CPQ

Vertical transportation systems such as elevators, escalators and even ski-lifts are often difficult to configure, price and quote. That’s not even considering challenges dealers face selling products from multiple vendors, to different buying groups. Your buyers face changes during the quoting process and rapidly changing legal and safety standards for their products. Addressing these needs is critical to succeeding with a new B2B customer buying journey.  CPQ software for elevators and lifts enable a digital transformation you’ve always wanted. Visual Configuration enables your sales team to show your customer how a product will look and feel in their real-life environment.

Address any challenges with CPQ for Elevators and Lifts


Sell Faster Than Ever

Tacton’s CPQ software finds the optimal solution based on any customer requirement, while also providing detailed CAD drawings automatically


Give Visuals to Your Customer

With visualization, it’s easier than ever to create photo-realistic visuals of your custom elevator or lift down to the smallest detail and regulations.


Ease of Use

Enable your sales team or resellers to quickly sell your product using an omnichannel sales experience complete with customer self-service

 SWIFT Home Lifts and their distributors turn to Tacton CPQ for digital sales acceleration

Check out how our customer SWIFT Home Lifts is utilizing Tacton CPQ to create an exciting and easy sales process for an improved customer experience

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Success Story  

SWIFT Home Lifts and their distributors turn to Tacton CPQ for digital sales acceleration

Success Story 

Vantage Elevator Solutions Creates a Trusted Configuration Process with Tacton


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