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CPQ for Medical Devices

Using CPQ Software for Medical Devices Digitally Transforms Your Business In an era of mass customization, creating product configurations for medical devices is a monumental challenge. Tacton CPQ can help ease this burden for manufacturers through powerful automation, visualization, and pricing tools, streamlining the configuration process.


Medical Device Manufacturers Face a Unique Set of Challenges

Look and feel, different product variants and even different regulations across the globe cause inefficient processes for your sales and engineering teams. To stay competitive medical device manufacturers must increase sales by streamlining processes between sales and engineering and enhance the customer experience. When it comes to B2B sales of complex products such as medical imaging, dialysis and surgery equipment, Tacton CPQ software ensures that the products are configured to the specific requirements of the customer.

Address any challenges with Medical Device Manufacturing CPQ Requirements


Accelerate Sales

Enable your sales team to quickly quote products with 100% accuracy with CPQ. Whether it’s medical imaging sales or high-tech equipment procurement, CPQ empowers your team to provide precise, customized quotes in a fraction of the time it used to take. With accurate quotes, it’s easier than ever to stay compliant with any country’s regulations.


Give Visuals to Your Customer

Medical professionals want to see how products fit in their space. With Visualization, it’s easier than ever to create photo-realistic visuals of customized products in real-time.


Meet Customers Anywhere

From the doctors office to the nursing home, giving your customer an omnichannel experience where they can buy from anywhere can enable your customers to buy products fast.

Experience the Power of Medical Manufacturing CPQ Software

Configure Your Medical Products with Accuracy

Tacton’s medical equipment CPQ tool streamlines the journey from initial planning to final production, offering a meticulously guided step-by-step process for users. Plus, designers can benefit from features such as product visualizations and CAD drawing automation. The result is a more compliant final product with fewer errors.


Improve Your Sales Process

Tacton medical manufacturing CPQ software not only benefits production teams; it can also be invaluable for sales as well. Sales agents can use the tool to create product configurations according to customer’s requirements and then instantly produce a quote.
You can enhance the customer experience significantly by delivering rapid response times, providing impeccably accurate quotes, and offering highly customized product solutions tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs.


Streamline Manufacturing

Medical manufacturing CQP systems can enable engineer-to-order capabilities. It does this by delivering shop-floor-ready documents to the production team based on the product configuration generated by the sales team.
Adding this step reduces production mistakes and allows teams to review the designs before execution. The result? A faster timeline and happier customers.

Generate Price Instantly

With a medical technology manufacturing CPQ solution, you can generate pricing accurately and in real-time. Doing this lets you nail down a product configuration that fits a customer’s expectations and budget – speeding up the sales process considerably.


Enable Mass Customization

Customization remains a massive challenge in healthcare equipment manufacturing. CPQ can ease the burden by automating every aspect of the process. Tacton allows teams to create product variations within cost and production constraints.


Reduce Production Time and Costs

Tacton CPQ streamlines the entire product customization lifecycle. It’s equipped with automation and support features that take manual tasks off your team’s plate, enabling them to focus on more critical tasks.

Furthermore, the tool’s user-friendly design ensures that even those with minimal technical expertise can utilize it effortlessly. This simplicity dramatically slashes the time and expense associated with training, streamlining your operational efficiency.

Achieve Scalability

CPQ systems are pivotal for medical manufacturers navigating diverse product lineups and intricate operations. This strategic investment facilitates true scalability and ensures the retention of a competitive edge in a dynamic market. By simplifying complex processes, CPQ empowers manufacturers to grow sustainably.


What Does Medical Manufacturing CPQ Software Do?

A CPQ system significantly streamlines the product lifecycle by automating complex pricing and quotation processes. This is especially vital in an industry where manual quoting is challenging due to the intricate configurations, strict regulatory requirements, and evolving customer needs associated with medical devices. CPQ’s automation and visualization capabilities enable sales teams to concentrate more on customer engagement and less on the technical nuances of product customization.

Furthermore, CPQ seamlessly integrates across the enterprise, enhancing operational efficiencies. It maintains a centralized repository for all product configurations, ensuring accessibility across various departments.

Additionally, its integration with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is vital. This synchronization allows the CPQ to generate quotes consistently aligned with the current inventory or supply levels, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in responding to customer demands.

Our CPQ Solutions for Medical Product Manufacturers: Features

3D Visualization

At the core of Tacton CPQ lies its advanced 3D visualization technology, which equips users of all skill levels, including those without technical backgrounds, with a dynamic suite of tools. This powerful feature enables effortless creation and modification of 3D designs to attain a highly realistic appearance.


CAD Automation

CPQ revolutionizes the transition from design to manufacturing by automatically creating 2D and 3D CAD drawings based on product customizations. This automation removes the necessity for a specialized CAD operator, significantly streamlining the process.


Omnichannel Sales

Tacton CPQ places your pricing and product information on a centralized repository. Everyone on your sales team can access it, regardless of which sales channels they’re on. You can even feed this data to your app or website, enabling a self-service experience for customers.


Powerful Analytics

Tacton CPQ offers comprehensive insights into your product configurations, encompassing critical aspects such as raw materials, cost structures, and prevailing sales trends. This rich data repository serves as a strategic asset, enabling informed decision-making and facilitating the optimization of your business operations.

Cloud Compatibility

Tacton CPQ is a cloud-based system, which means everyone on your team can access it anytime and anywhere. Sales teams can access key pricing and product data while facing a customer or production team on the factory floor. It’s a flexibility that will empower your business.


Powerful Integration

Tacton CPQ interfaces seamlessly with your existing platforms, including ERP systems and CRM solutions like Dynamics and Salesforce. There’s no need to worry about restructuring or adapting your system to work well with Tacton CPQ because it just does.


Complete Customization

Tacton CPQ empowers sales teams and customers to customize every aspect of a product using an easy-to-use interface wrapped around an advanced engine. It delivers flexibility that enables companies to adapt to any customer demand.

Why Tacton?

For over 25 years, Tacton CPQ has stood at the forefront of driving productivity and cost-efficiency for manufacturers in the age of mass customization. Our distinction as one of the premier SaaS-based CPQ platforms in the industry is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Esteemed brands like Siemens, Yaskawa, and Husky count on us as a trusted partner, solidifying our position in the market. Our recognition by Gartner as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for CPQ further cements our status as an innovator and a reliable ally in the manufacturing sector. We are committed to delivering the same level of excellence and trusted partnership to your business.

Ready to see Medical Manufacturing CPQ Software in action?

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