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Tacton CPQ Visual Configuration

Let customers experience your product in 3D – in configurator, in quote or onsite. Sell remotely, increase win rates and decrease return rates.

Experience product visualization


Your challenges

B2B customers demand a more B2C buying experience. They want to do more on their own and see products in context before buying.

But how do you create an engaging buying experience for end-customers for your highly configurable products? Tacton CPQ Visualization is here to help.

How Tacton CPQ Visualization helps manufacturing companies


Reduce errors and misunderstandings with real-time 3D visualization

Go beyond the WOW-factor and increase conversion rates with a superior experience of your individualized products.

Empower your customers to make informed business decisions.

Stop explaining your products. Show them.


Instant product visualization after every configurator selection

Since the Tacton visual product configurator updates after every selection, your customer, sales rep or reseller will better understand what they are buying and the implications of product choices. Our product visualization tool makes your configurable product graspable, empowering your customers to make more informed buying decisions.

What you see is what you get.


Hyper-realistic visual fidelity

Intuitive image interactivity tools enable your customer to explore every angle and detail of your product, regardless of touchscreen our mouse-based interaction. Full-screen mode creates a truly immersive experience. By changing backdrop scenes of the configured product, you can cater for different applications and customer segments.


Drag-n-drop configuration

Configure the product through drag-n-drop directly in the visualization window, still honoring the configuration logic to ensure the integrity of the product. This is what we call visual configuration.


Augmented reality – explore the configured product in its real context

With an iOS tablet or mobile, customers can position the visualization in a real space, experiencing how the configured product would look and behave in its context. They can walk around and inside the product to get a feeling for it’s features and how they would interact with the surrounding space. A sales rep can easily share the product with end customer on site, enabling remote selling and digital showrooms. A live link between the AR product and the configuration session allows a sales rep to configure the product while customer experiences it live on site.


Embed visualization screenshots directly into the quote

Once your customers are ready for a quote, you can automatically embed configurator software screenshots from various angles and zooming levels in the proposal document. In contrast to generic product images, visual CPQ images will reflect the actual individualized product the customer has asked for. Down to every detail.


Take individualization to a new level through custom image uploads

Upload custom images and place them onto the 3D surface of the configured product, e.g. custom logos or branding elements. Support for large high-quality images to wrap around big products like buses. Add multiple custom images for different places on the product.


Available in all sales-channels

Visually empowered product configuration is available for direct sales and resellers as well as end customers. It is also possible to use product visualization in your lead generation activities by offering your visual configuration software on your website for anonymous users. By offering your full portfolio online you can influence your prospect’s buying criteria before they reach out to your sales reps.


Easy to share

The visualization of a configured product can be shared with direct links or QR codes, in a browser or into the Augmented Reality app. The Tacton visual configurator works on any platform and any browser (WebGL). Easy sharing empowers prospects to forward your product offerings to the rest of the procurement team or other deal stakeholders, winning the hearts and minds of your client before your competitors do.


Best of breed and fully native with Tacton CPQ

What makes Tacton the best visual configuration software for your organization? Unlike other visual product configurators, Tacton’s visualization tool is custom made for manufacturing. There are no distractions or non-relevant gaming features. Everything you need is integrated and into one streamlined solution without the need for additional 3rd party software integration or plugins. Plus, since it is a part of Tacton CPQ, we ensure a smooth operation across new product releases. Read more in this blog post.

Quote faster and win deals using visual layout plans with Tacton CPQ Layout Planning

Customers continually seek methods to enhance efficiency and productivity in order to maintain competitiveness. An essential element of this optimization process is layout optimization, which encompasses the strategic design of the most efficient configuration for machines, workstations, and resources within a manufacturing facility.

With Tacton CPQ Layout Planning it’s possible to simplify customers’ understanding of how machines will fit on their plant floor. During the quoting process sales reps can place and arrange the whole configuration or individual machinery directly in the floor plan provided by a prospect or customer. By providing this visualization to customers it helps support their choices by providing layout plans to the corresponding configuration.

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The business results of Tacton CPQ Visual Configuration

  • Increased conversion. Our 3d configurator makes it easier to communicate the full potential of your portfolio. Create trust across all channels by making the sales process more transparent while simultaneously building credibility.
  • Increased sales velocity. Visual product configuration tools make it easier to communicate the full potential of your portfolio to many members of a procurement team.
  • Reduced errors and risk. Visual Configuration creates a mutual understanding between you and your valued customer, reducing order errors, re-works and warranty claims.

  • Attract more leads. Create an awe-driven and engaging entry point into your portfolio of individualized products, attracting prospects before they reach out to your sales department.
  • Boost sales with remote selling of complex industrial equipment. Share a configured product with the prospect and let them experience it online or in Augmented Reality onsite.

Learn more from our visualization experts

Visualizing configured products brings value in a multitude of ways. Listen to Tacton’s visualization product manager explaining how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Our team has the answers! Check out our list of frequently asked questions below for more information:

  • What is a visual configurator?

    Visual product configurators are custom-configuring tools that utilize interactive visualizations. There are many different types of configuration tools available. However, the best visual configuration software allows users to create and customize products and explore them in great depth from every angle.

    Tacton’s 3d configurator and product visualization software is primarily used by clients in the manufacturing industry to optimize product design. However, the principles apply equally to any sector where buyers would benefit from creating customized versions of a company’s products or services before purchasing them. Examples include e-commerce merchandising, the clothing and fashion industry, and even service-based products like insurance policies or travel packages.

  • What is visual configuration software?

    Visual product configuration tools are pieces of software that allow users to customize and configure complex products using a visual interface. The graphical user interface (GUI) on 3d configurators lets users interact in a more intuitive and user-friendly way, meaning they can explore internal and external views from various angles and experiment with changing the dimensions, colors, and backdrop of any product.

    Once a product has been defined using a visual product configurator, buyers simply choose the features and options they want by selecting checkboxes, dragging and dropping components, or using sliders to adjust settings. And presto! A custom and fully interactive product view is generated on the spot.

  • What are the different types of visual configurators?

    Generally speaking, there are two main categories of product visualization tools: Static 2D and Interactive 3D

    Static 2D visualization results in two-dimensional images ranging from simple line drawings and photographs to CAD designs and computer-generated images that display products from a three-dimensional perspective.

    Using 3D visual configuration software results in real-time interactive visualization. While these images may look similar to static 2D visuals at first glance, 3D visualizations are bespoke, allowing users to freely explore and interact within their newly created 3D product.

  • How do I choose the right visual configurator?

    Choosing a suitable visual product configurator simplifies the process of customizing complex products — provided you choose the right provider. Here are some of the key factors to prioritize:

    • Experience – If visual CPQ is new to you, you’ll want to choose a provider at the forefront of manufacturing visual configuration with significant industry expertise.
    • Customer focus – This may be all new to your clients too, so choosing 3d configurator and product visualization software with an option for customer self-service is essential.

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