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Tacton Introduces Full CAD Automation to Eliminate Manual Tasks in the Sales and Engineering Process

Enhanced Capability Automatically Generates CAD Drawings of Custom, Configured Products to Deliver Products Faster and Eliminate Errors

CHICAGO and STOCKHOLM, April 13, 2021Tacton, a global leader in CPQ-based Smart Commerce solutions for manufacturers, today announced Tacton CPQ with CAD Automation, a newly enhanced product capability that fully automates the generation of CAD drawings of highly customized and configured products. CAD automation allows manufacturers to configure, design, and deliver custom products faster and with precision, eliminating errors and empowering customers, sales teams, and engineering to generate technical CAD drawings automatically.

In highly configurable manufacturing, customers often require detailed technical drawings to close a sale, but challenges such as manual handovers can lead to long and drawn-out sales processes. In addition, stakeholders often lack a single source of product data, leading to costly technical product design errors — not to mention, unhappy customers. Tacton CPQ with CAD Automation eliminates these pain points by empowering customers and sales reps without CAD skills to automatically generate technical drawings based on configurations. This automation empowers customers and sales while allowing engineers to focus on innovation, new products, and other value-creating tasks.

“In complex sales, engineering needs to be involved in every customer case to provide detailed technical drawings to close sales and build the customized products, but misunderstandings and a lack of technical product knowledge often lead to invalid quote requests,” said Bo Gyldenvang, Chief Executive Officer at Tacton. “When paired with our CPQ, CAD Automation automates these manual processes with ease, which makes sales teams more effective, frees up time for engineers, and, ultimately, delivers a pain-free experience to end customers.”

Tacton’s 15-plus years of experience and extensive knowledge of manufacturing vertical requirements contribute to making Tacton CPQ with CAD Automation a breeze to use because it is:

  • Easy to implement: Fast and easy CAD mappings via point-and-click with no coding required can be validated immediately and directly connected to the CPQ platform to exchange data in the background.
  • Easy to use: A simple and context-sensitive UI speeds up navigation, matching the UI of the host CAD system to ease orientation while integrated help texts speed up the onboarding of new users.
  • Easy to maintain: Clear separation between configuration models and CAD mappings along with intuitive recognition of already mapped elements allows users to simply test individual values or a complete configuration. In addition, one set of constraints means administrators don’t need to worry about synchronizing systems.

“With Tacton CPQ with CAD Automation, customers come in through the webshop, configure a product to their exact business requirements and, once finished, have instant access to validated 2D and 3D drawings, pricing and delivery time,” said Marcel Walvoort, Product Configuration Manager at Kramp, one of the largest technical wholesalers in Europe. “If a customer orders the item on Monday, they will have it by Wednesday. This is a major competitive advantage for us.”

Generating and providing CAD files early in the sales process eliminates misunderstandings and costly errors, ensuring reliability to the customer and promoting trust. Tacton CPQ with CAD Automation allows manufacturers to offer customized designs at a much lower cost, creating a valuable competitive advantage and boosting customer satisfaction.

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Author: Michael Brassea