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The Ultimate Guide to CAD Automation

Moving with speed and accuracy has never been more important. But for many high variance manufacturers, providing accurate CAD data with proposals has become a challenge. The increased customization from buyers requires more resources in every sales process, making cycles long and cost per quote increase. CAD automation allows manufacturers to configure, design, and deliver custom products faster and with precision. Combining CPQ and CAD Automation enables your sales reps to churn out more custom quotes and drawings in less time without having to wait for sales engineering.

Streamline your sales process with CPQ and CAD Automation

  • Dynamically update 3D CAD models with every choice made in the configuration
  • Empower customers and sales reps without CAD skills to generate accurate technical drawings
  • Eliminate error-prone manual handovers across your teams
  • Empower engineers to focus on innovation, new products and value creating tasks