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What can Tacton CPQ do for global machinery and equipment manufacturers?

This page is a source for you to explore how Tacton is creating new and trusted ways to configure, price and quote products

Tacton’s trusted configuration engine is creating new ways for manufacturers to succeed

Manufacturing is quickly changing for global machinery and equipment manufacturers. On one hand, customers demand fast and online experience to purchase their products, on the other the manufacturing industry is facing uncertain economic times. Leading manufacturers need to find ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs to deal with a changing economic landscape.

That’s why leading manufacturers have turned to Tacton CPQ to help solve their sales and quoting challenges, as well as create cost savings and reduce order errors. Check out some of these helpful resources to see the real impact CPQ is having on the industry.

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CPQ Built for global machinery and equipment manufacturers


What if you could understand the real ROI of CPQ?

That’s why at Tacton we’ve developed a collaborative and trusted method to demonstrate the value tools such as Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) can bring to an organization.

In our latest eBook, “Customer Value Assessment: A results based approach to digital sales transformation”, we discuss discrete examples of potential value that manufacturers can realize with Tacton CPQ!


Developing a Customer-Centric Digital Strategy with nVent and Tacton

Our customer nVent is a globally active manufacturer of control cabinets, device housings, subracks, and associated components for a wide variety of requirements.

Alex van der Weide, VP of Marketing at nVent, explains how Tacton CPQ was instrumental in their digital transformation journey.

Tetra Pak makes it easier than ever to solve customer challenges with CPQ

In this keynote Bengt Anderson will share how Tetra Pak is able to provide the optimal solution that meets their customer needs, every-time with the correct information – on the go. Part of their success is due to the CPQ being tightly integrated with ERP, CRM and PIM platforms. This allows the CPQ to be the single source of truth, providing reliable data from the source enabling a global standard. Tetra Pak can now run a coherent sales operation, enhancing customer experience across the globe. Listen to Bengt Andersson, Manager Customer Value Management at Tetra Pak, as he presented at Tacton Summit Fall 2022.

Siemens Reduces Quote Time from 8 Weeks to Minutes Using CPQ

For Siemens Energy quoting was a time consuming process The air intake assembly alone, for example, has 120 variants. Factor in all the configurations and combinations that come along with that; and things get complicated very quickly. This complexity posed a challenge for Siemens. Because the turbines are highly customized – and the combination of variables almost endless – producing customer quotes was a lengthy and complicated process. A full customer proposal was often 500 pages long, took eight weeks to produce, and required specialist engineering help on almost every sales case.

Yaskawa challenges the status quo sales process with CPQ​

Yaskawa is a world leader in process automation which manufactures up to 25,000 industrial robots per year. To meet the growing demand, the company realized its sale quoting process wouldn’t be able to cope. When quoting for new business, the sales team relied on Excel to capture a list of customer requirements. This Excel file was handed over to an inside sales group who manually created a quotation based on the list. This lead Yaskawa to turn to Tacton to help with their configuration challenges. “I know many companies hesitate to introduce a configurator because they think – our products cannot be streamlined. There were people in our company who said it wouldn’t be possible, but it was. It was the right step and the right decision to select Tacton.” Dr. Michael Klos, Yaskawa


HMF Cranes simplifies complex machinery sales with CPQ

With the help of cpq.se and Tacton, HMF Group – an industry leader with safe, high-quality truck-mounted cranes – was able to quickly plan, implement and roll out CPQ to help drive sales and make quoting easier. These changes are propelling HMF forward to be a leading truck-mounted crane manufacturer across the globe. Alicia Vivier Brockhoff, Product Manager at HMF, explains how Tacton CPQ created value for both HMF and its distributors.

ABB replaces 500,000+ configuration with just 150 constraints with CPQ

ABB sales staff and partners historically used two different configurator solutions and this resulted in many incomplete factory orders. ABB wanted to make their sales process more efficient by reducing the need for engineering support. Tacton Configurator is embedded in ABB’s order management system and its eCommerce system for correct and fast configuration

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