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Husky's Solution Time Reduced 75% with Tacton CPQ


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The Challenge

Husky was facing a challenging quoting process for their hot runner business when they realized they needed to consider 60-70 variables for each solution. These variables may seem small, but behind each variable were thousands of guidelines for what to select into a configuration. This meant the sales engineers managing the quote would have to do manual work across multiple systems in Excel and look-up charts.​


The Solution

From sales to engineering, they searched for a solution that would work for anyone who needed to configure products.​

Husky’s search led them to Tacton CPQ. With Tacton, Husky finally found a tool that can handle their product complexity while cutting the time spent on their tens of thousands of quotes per year. Working with Tacton also helps Husky sales reps prepare quotes without support which allows engineers to focus on innovation. ​

“We want to use every solution in their key area of expertise – and for us, Tacton’s main area of expertise is product configuration and supporting our solutioning processes globally. ”

Steffen Bönecke, Director of Global Engineering and Operation Transformation

Watch the video to learn how Husky used Tacton CPQ Self-service capabilities in their eCommerce web shop.

About Husky Hot Runners

Husky Injection Molding Systems is a global leader in supplying injection molding equipment and services. With over 4,000 employees worldwide Husky supports customers in over 100 countries.

“It’s key to use “best of breed solutions” that span across all businesses. Tacton is a key element in Husky’s sales process”

Steffen Bönecke, Director of Global Engineering and Operation Transformation