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4:00 pm Stockholm Time/CET10:00 am Chicago Time/CDT

Tacton CPQ System Configuration

You think your product is too complex for a configurator to handle? Well, think again. ​By introducing System Configuration in Tacton CPQ, we further strengthen our leader position in complex product configuration. With System Configuration you can split large configuration problems into smaller chunks, thereby avoiding performance issues. You can let your sales reps reorder and rearrange the chunks – or nodes – in the system, while still ensuring valid overall system configuration. ​​This means that you can confidently offer large system configurations while maintaining high performance and seamless sales experience. Never suffer from performance issues again.

Expert: Andreas Edlund, Product Manager, Tacton

4:00 pm Stockholm Time/CET9:00 am Chicago Time/CST

Tacton CPQ Integrations

Tacton CPQ Integrations offers a transformative solution to this issue by ensuring that product configurations and quotations are seamlessly visible across the whole organization. Additionally, Tacton CPQ streamlines the entire pipeline and fosters a more integrated, responsive, and cost-effective approach to managing the product lifecycle. This integration is key to unlocking greater efficiency and agility in manufacturing operations.

Expert: Mathias Roitto, Principal Solution Architect, Tacton

10:00 am CET3:00 am CST

Meet us at the 13th VDMA Conference on Variant Management

On February 27, 2024, in Langen (Germany), the focus will be on the theme “Balance between quality, costs, and product variants.” The 13th VDMA Conference on Variant Management provides a platform for experts from the machinery and plant engineering sectors to discuss innovative strategies in dealing with product variants. This conference highlights how companies can master the balance between quality, costs, and the diversity of their products, thereby marking an essential milestone for increasing efficiency and competitiveness in the industry.

4:00 pm CET9:00 am CST

Elevate Your Sales with the Top 4 Visualization Capabilities

Join us for our transformative webinar on Thursday, December 7th, from 9 AM CT to 4 PM CET, and discover how to elevate your manufacturing sales strategy. Learn about customizable visualizations that adapt to your brand, offering interactive 360-degree views and real-time product manipulation. We’ll showcase high-quality 3D visualizations for a lifelike product experience and delve into the integration of AR and VR technologies for an immersive customer journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize how you present and sell your manufacturing products!

3:00 pm CET8:00 am CDT

Tacton CPQ Environmental Footprint Configuration – How to Measure and Reduce Your Scope 3 Footprint in a Scalable and Automated way

With Tacton CPQ’s new Environmental Footprint Configuration, B2B manufacturers automate and scale the climate impact calculations of highly individualized sold products, creating carbon transparency to customers, company, legislators and investors. Join Tacton and PRé Sustainability in this webinar to learn this first-in-market capability and how it generates business value for B2B manufacturers.

3:00 am CET8:00 am CST

Navigating the Digital Landscape: A Manufacturer’s Guide to Sales Success focuses

Navigating the Digital Landscape: A Manufacturer’s Guide to Sales Success focuses on the selling challenges faced by manufacturing companies, how they can be addressed and insights from CPQ experts on what companies are asking for to drive growth through digital sales transformation.


Sriram ‘SR’ Ramadurai | VP of Product Marketing | Tacton Systems
Frank Sohn | President & CEO | Novus CPQ Consulting
Stephen Fauth | SVP North America – Sales | Tacton Systems