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Tacton CPQ Environmental Footprint Configuration

Measure and reduce the climate impact of your sold product in a scalable and automated way

Environmental Footprint Configuration is the next step in sustainable manufacturing

With Tacton CPQ Environmental Footprint Configuration, manufacturers can automate and scale the climate impact calculations of sold products.

These calculations can help create carbon transparency to your customers, your company, legislators and investors.


What are some common sustainability challenges for manufacturers?

The B2B manufacturing products you sell have a climate impact all through production, transportation, usage, and end-of-life. The main impact is often not within the direct management of the manufacturer, but so called Scope 3 caused during product usage or material extraction.

Calculating and being transparent about this footprint will be required not only by legislators and your customers, but also by investors and your employees. ​

​But how to scale Life-Cycle Assessments when every product, customer and usage is unique?​

Capabilities of Tacton CPQ Environmental Footprint Configuration​


Instant footprint calculations for every configurator selection

Via integration to Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) systems, Tacton CPQ shows the footprint of the configured product – after every configurator selection. ​

The instant and easy-to-understand interface empowers your sales rep or end customer to reduce the footprint through product selections.​


Optimize solutions on the lowest carbon footprint​

If the customer would like the most sustainable solution, it’s possible to optimize the whole configured product on lowest footprint.


Balance sustainability with other investment parameters​

Driven by Tacton’s instant pricing, environmental product selections in the configurator immediately get a price tag. The buyer is thus able to balance sustainability with other investment considerations in the buying journey.


Show your carbon footprint to customers and legislators

The footprint estimates created in Tacton CPQ can be printed to quote documents, but also be used in ESG reporting, radically reducing your compliance costs. Make footprint as normal as a price tag. 

Integrate with major Life-Cycle Assessment vendors​

If the calculations of your products’ footprint requires integrations to Life-Cycle Assessment systems, PLMs and ERPs, Tacton CPQ integrates to the major vendors.

The Business Results of CPQ Environmental Footprint Configuration


Cost reduction

Of LCA calculations for customers (compared to manual LCAs)​. Increase quality and reduce cost of your ESG and scope 3 reporting


Revenue increase​

Increase win rates by making sustainability and investment decisions easier for your customers. Also help customers with their reporting and compliance needs.


Branding & reputation

Recruit more knowledgeable and motivated employees and entice investors and improve funding


Stay competitive

Long-term, climate impact openness will spark industry innovation and produce more sustainable goods.

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