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CPQ for Medical Devices

Using CPQ Software for Medical Devices Digitally Transforms Your Business


Medical Device Manufacturers Face a Unique Set of Challenges

Look and feel, different product variants and even different regulations across the globe cause inefficient processes for your sales and engineering teams. To stay competitive medical device manufacturers must increase sales by streamlining processes between sales and engineering and enhance the customer experience. When it comes to B2B sales of complex products such as medical imaging, dialysis and surgery equipment, Tacton CPQ software ensures that the products are configured to the specific requirements of the customer.

Address any challenges with CPQ for Medical Devices


Accelerate Sales

Enable your sales team to quickly quote products with 100% accuracy with CPQ. With accurate quotes it’s easier than ever to stay compliant with any country’s regulations.


Give Visuals to Your Customer

Medical professionals want to see how products fit in their space. With Visualization, it’s easier than ever to create photo-realistic visuals of customized products in real-time.


Meet Customers Anywhere

From the doctors office to the nurses home, giving your customer an omnichannel experience where they can buy from anywhere can enable your customers to buy products fast.

Ready to see CPQ action?

Check out how anyone, even a non-technical end customer is able to configure and visualize with the help of a needs-based configuration


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