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SWIFT Home Lifts turns to Tacton CPQ for digital sales acceleration

Founded in 2020 by a group of home elevator pioneers, SWIFT Home Lifts is dedicated to creating safe, sustainable and custom products. With the shared knowledge of these pioneers, they turned to Tacton and our partner cpq.se to help deal with the common challenges faced by elevator manufacturers.

“Tacton is a great value to the way we work, and I think that’s why it was the natural CPQ choice from day 1”

John Löwbäck, Founder and Chief Sales Officer

Read the complete customer story (PDF)


Key results of Tacton CPQ:

  • Addressing increased customization challenges of elevators with the help of Tacton’s configuration solutions.
  • Cost-effective compliance with local elevator regulations
  • Easy onboarding of new sales and distribution partners
  • Saving time and resources by making anyone a product expert