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Vantage Elevator Solutions Creates a Trusted Configuration Process with Tacton


About Vantage:

Founded in 1927, Vantage is a leading manufacturer of elevator components and systems based in New York. With 1100 employees and manufacturing facilities across North America and the United Kingdom, Vantage is empowering customers to new levels of success by delivering innovative solutions built for great customer experiences.

Due to the complexity of their elevator solutions, Vantage struggled to accurately quote their products. The average turnaround time for quotes would range from a few days up to a week. Vantage also found challenges communicating full product details to their manufacturing operations because of the different systems used across the organization.

These challenges led Vantage to search for a solution that could help create a seamless buying and selling process. The Vantage team set their sights on Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions to fulfill their specific needs.


The Search for a Solution

Recognizing the need for a robust CPQ solution, Vantage initiated a thorough search process involving key stakeholders from sales, engineering, and finance leadership. They understood the importance of selecting the right CPQ solution to handle the complexity and variety of their product portfolio. The group decision-making process led them to choose Tacton CPQ, primarily due to its constraint-based methodology.

“We ultimately selected Tacton due to the constraints-based methodology, considering how complex our products are and the variety of products that we have. They felt very confident that the constraint-based methodology would accelerate our timeline getting our products into the platform”

Marlande Wesselhoft, CIO at Vantage


Tacton’s methodology ensured that at no matter what point in the configuration process, the system would not propose an unworkable solution. This reliability allowed Vantage to depend on the platform rather than solely on internal knowledge. Wesselhoft notes the importance of giving confidence to his teams:

“Most importantly, we wanted to make sure whomever is producing a solution that it will work. Tacton gave us that confidence that no matter where we are in the configuration process it’s not going to give us a solution that doesn’t work.”

Marlande Wesselhoft, CIO at Vantage

Another critical factor was the integration capability of Tacton CPQ with Vantage’s existing ERP system. The seamless integration ensured that data flowed smoothly between systems, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual errors.


The Tacton Impact

Since implementing Tacton CPQ, Vantage has seen a remarkable improvement in its solution process. The turnaround time for configurations has significantly decreased, enabling them to respond more quickly to customer needs. The dependable and robust platform provided by Tacton has allowed Vantage to offer reliable solutions, even in the absence of on-site engineers at their customers’ locations.

In closing

By choosing Tacton, Vantage Elevator Solutions transformed its business operations, reducing turnaround times and increasing the reliability of its solutions. The integration with their ERP system and the confidence provided by Tacton’s constraint-based solution has empowered Vantage to better serve their customers and maintain their competitive edge in the elevator industry.