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Tacton CPQ Supports nVent's Growth Strategy While Increasing Productivity in Sales and Customer Service

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“These tools will help our customers improve their bottom line”

Alexander van der Weide, VP & General Manager of Hoffman Enclosures

The challenges nVent Hoffman faced before CPQ

  • Long response times (RFQs)
  • Slow introduction of new products
  • Difficult to phase out legacy products
  • High training costs
  • Difficult for customers to understand and overview product offering
  • Customized and offered products could not be manufactured
  • Quotes only focused on technical specification and prices
  • Quoting tools were difficult to scale, not only internally, but also towards distributors and partners

“If you are really good at guided selling, your whole organization will become an expert”

Alexander van der Weide, VP & General Manager of Hoffman Enclosures

The solution

With a shared product definition in Tacton CPQ, nVent Hoffman is able to centrally control the introduction of new products and the phasing out of old ones. With Tacton CPQ it is possible to centrally govern the product offering, and at the same time give their distribution partners the freedom to control their own look and feel and their own price models.

Also, it is possible to regionalize products with no extra cost. Since nVent Hoffman only sells via distributors and resellers, this is pivotal to successful business operation.

With Tacton CPQ guided selling, the size and complexity of the offered assortment is hidden from the  sales reps. The manufacturing capabilities of each factory are taken into consideration, already at the time of quote, meaning less order errors.

With Tacton CPQ, nVent Hoffman is able to charge more for premium offerings, and thus cover for the increased cost of that premium product. This makes the offering more flexible and diverse. And, with data-driven and automatized quote generation, all branding and language complexity is removed. Tacton CPQ is integrated with Salesforce CRM, multiple ERP solutions, the web and other enterprise systems.


The Results

  • CPQ supports and enables nVent Hoffman’s growth strategy while increasing productivity in inside sales, customer service and pricing
  • Reduced costs by automating routine tasks
  • 100 % valid configurations with instant pricing in just minutes
  • Consistency in quoting and order entry
  • No reliance on sales experts – your whole organization will become an expert

About nVent Hoffman

nVent Hoffman offers enclosures and protections for electrical installations and other sensitive equipment. nVent Hoffman operates globally, with over 9000 employees and $ 1 billion in turnover. nVent’s customers come from various industries, such as Discrete Manufacturing, Process Industries, Commercial & Residential, and Energy, and has been a Tacton customer since 2019.