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Tacton, the Only Choice for Manufacturing Visual Configuration

Visual Configuration may be new to many manufacturers, but at Tacton we’ve learned a lot from our experience working across industries. This industry expertise has placed us at the forefront of manufacturing visual configuration landscape for manufacturers. But like most buyers, you need a little convincing, here are just a few reasons why Tacton should be your only choice for Visual Configuration.  

Manufacturing Visualization Expertise 

Setting up and maintaining visual configurators has been a challenging proposition for many manufacturers. At Tacton we’ve changed how we interact with our customers by learning more about how they work and sell their products.  

For more than 20 years we’ve delivered impeccable value with visualization for manufacturing customersOver the last 15 years, we’ve created solutions for Visual Configuration. As pioneers in visualization, we have long created value for our customers when other companies weren’t thinking about visually representing their product portfolio.   

In our long history in the Visual Configuration domain, we’ve supported customers in many different industries. From Heavy Vehicles, to Medtech devices, just to name a few. Therefore, we develop a deep understanding of many industries, their needs, their constraints and visualization requirements. Our customers and success stories indicate this very well. 

In all those projects with different customers and different products, we’ve gained strong experiences in creating Visual Assets and combining those with a configuration system by creating a Visual Logic working as a translation between the two different worlds. We also have experience with numerous industry-standard 3D and 2D software helping us to provide expected results and consult and support on many different topics in the domain of visualization. 

The Smartest Solution 

Tacton’s Visual Configuration provides 3D real-time visualization and interactive configuration functionalities enabling selling the most complex products faster, more accurate and with confidence. 

Therefore, we developed a solid and smart way of creating and maintaining all that is necessary for a successful solution over time. 

We developed and still enhance and extend a tailored Creation & Maintenance Environment around the tasks of creating Visual Assets and connecting them with the configuration logic via a dedicated Visual Logic. This C&M Environment is specifically tailored to be used in the domain of configuration providing a unique and useful workspace for fast and reliable results. 

The clear separation of the configuration logic, the visualization logic and the Asset Creation allow separate responsibilities and independent workflows and preferences. This helps in achieving better and faster results. 

No 3rd party software necessary  

On the other side, everything is integrated into one offering without the need for integrating a 3rd party software from different vendors. Providing a seamless experience, with one common language and mindset and dedicated connection points to share information and data. 

The connection and communication between the configurator and the visualization are working bi-directional. In addition to sending configuration changes from the configurator to the visualization to be displayed, the visualization can send information back to the configurator as well. With this, it is possible to change options or positions in the visualization and send these changes back to the configurator for evaluation and final approval. 

Besides the Creation & Maintenance Environment, we also provide our own 3D real-time Rendering Engine providing all that is necessary to create exceptional experiences and allowing real visual configuration by utilizing concepts like Drag & Drop, displaying live measurements and annotations. 

Customer Focused 

The basis of our Visual Configuration engine has always been built on the success of our customers. With so many manufacturers turning to B2B methods of selling it’s important to visualize your product portfolio. From the biggest detail to the smallest your customers are more likely to purchase your product if they can visualize it. Not to mention, configuring on their own time with customer self-service can create an emotional connection that many manufacturers are missing.  

While all of this seems too good to be true, it’s not. We’ve got a proven track record of helping the world’s leading manufacturers visualize their products for an enhanced customer experience.  

The competition is fierce, but with manufacturing Visual Configuration, you can bring your product portfolio to life, right in front of your customer. It’s no longer enough to give product sheets. 

Are you ready to take your manufacturing operation to the next level? Get our Guide to visualization today: Seeing is Believing: Envisioning the Future of Manufacturing Sales. Start today by scheduling your demo with our product experts.  Or even try out one of our demos to Vertical Transportation Systems

Check out our visual configuration videos for an in-depth look!

Author: Michael Brassea