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Leading manufacturers across the globe trust Tacton

For over 25 years, manufacturers around the world have depended on Tactons software to power their operations forward. Here's a few of them:

  • “We can generate our commercial and technical proposals in a much faster way and also use the pre-aligned and predefined templates, so no matter which country you ask for a proposal in you get the same look and feel and it really helps show the professionalism of Topsoe.”

    Haiyan Elverskov Wu, Digital Product Manager

  • “… the biggest success is the fact that we can react so quickly and get quotes to our customers immediately”

    Dr. Michael Klos, General Manager at Yaskawa Europe

  • “The beauty of Tacton CPQ is that it will guide the sales rep through the sale and get the configuration of the product and the quotation correct each time”

    Jan Nilsson, Senior Engineer Process and IT Development

    Siemens Energy
  • We couldn’t have an effective customer journey without Tacton CPQ”

    Anders Carlsson, Founder & CSO

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  • It’s easier to be a customer and an HMF distributor. It’s easier for us to implement new products and train new salespeople. There are a lot of great benefits”

    Alicia Vivier Brockhoff, Product Manager

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  • “CPQ has the capability to pull in data from our ERP and CRM and puts it all together. So, we are giving much more information now that we simply couldn’t do before Tacton”

    Fahad Mahboob, Product Owner, Digital

  • “Project managers and those overseeing the production trust that they can deliver what was promised to the customer”

    Bastian Fietje, Head of Groups Projects

  • “Our truck cockpit configurator is a state-of-the-art solution that allows us to save between 70% and 80% of the engineering resources that were previously needed”

    Marc Witte

  • “It’s key to use “best of breed solutions” that span across all businesses. Tacton is a key element in Husky’s sales process”

    Steffen Bönecke, Director of Global Engineering and Operation Transformation

  • “If you are really good at guided selling, your whole organization will become an expert”

    Alexander van der Weide, VP Marketing for Electrical Enclosures

  • “With Tacton, we can configure each crane in about 10 minutes instead of calculating everything from scratch 14 times. This saves an awful lot of engineering time”

    Martin Björklund

  • “Regardless of the customer’s starting point, the software always calculates the best solution by working with constraints on business rules instead of running down a decision tree”

    Koen Boot, CIO

  • “We have a great cooperation with Tacton, we’ve found them to be very flexible and responsive. It feels more like a partnership rather than a customer, supplier relationship and they are really helping us to succeed”

    Sicco Saft, Business Analyst

  • “… products are already validated from a design and manufacturing point of view before an order is placed”

    Marcel Walvoort, Manager Product Configurator

  • “This type of automation has been a key factor in our business growth”

    Brian Bartholomew, Senior Project Engineer

  • Make it easier than ever to solve customer challenges with CPQ. Tetra Pak uses CPQ to Support Customer needs

    Bengt Andersson, Manager of Customer Value Management at Tetra Pak

  • Hilge GmbH & Co. KG, based in Bodenheim, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality hygienic design stainless steel pumps for the beverage, food, pharmacy and biochemistry industries

  • FLSmidth & Co. A/S is a Danish multinational technology company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With almost 11,000 employees worldwide, it provides the global mining and cement industries with equipment and services