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Simplified Order to Delivery


The Challenge

With some 40,000 customers, over 500,000 products – many with tight margins – commercial and operational scalability is of critical importance. Over the past ten years, Kramp has moved purposefully towards an eCommerce model, and today the company receives a vast majority of orders directly via their webshop. The company processes an average of 70,000 line items per day, increasing to 120,000 in the agricultural high season.

The reliance on engineering input to validate product design, manufacturability, and pricing as well as the knowledge gap between customers, sales reps, and product experts, was hampering Kramp in its effort to grow and expand into new markets. This challenge made Kramp consider new solutions to deal with their expanding business.


The Solution

Following a comprehensive evaluation process, the team identified Tacton and SolidWorks as the key suppliers for the solution. The implementation was not without its challenges though. Before moving away from the manual ordering process, in favor of a fully automated CPQ process with built-in design automation, a new modeling approach for the products had to be put in place.

Today Kramp’s customers can place orders for hydraulic cylinders (MTO) and hoses (ATO) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once a cylinder is configured and an order is placed in the webshop, a validated production drawing is available to manufacturing just 10 minutes later.

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“… products are already validated from a design and manufacturing point of view before an order is placed.”

Marcel Walvoort, Manager Product Configurator

About Kramp

Today Kramp is one of the largest wholesalers into the agricultural sector in Europe, with 3,200 employees and branches in 24 countries.