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Tacton Design Automation

Empower your CAD engineers to increase efficiency by automating creation of CAD documentation for sales and manufacturing. Improve quality by standardizing design templates and verifying all designs with powerful constraint solver. Decrease costs of sales of highly individualized products through automated CAD generation in Autodesk, Solidworks and PTC Creo.

Automate Design Through Delivery of Manufacturing Products

Your customers demand highly-customized products, creating a situation where CAD designs must be drawn quickly and accurately. This puts engineers under a lot of pressure to quickly deliver accurate renderings of each customized product.  Without a proper solution, designs are left up to guess work and reworks. Automate repetitive, inefficient operations that take up your engineers’ time with Design Automation.

Help your sales and engineering teams work better with Design Automation. Ensure detailed 2D and 3D designs of configured products straight from your CAD system. Use Tacton to reduce order errors, automatically generate configuration-specific drawings, and manufacturing information.

First glance at Tacton Design Automation for Autodesk Inventor

Learn more on how a Product Expert prepares the Tacton configuration logic and CAD mappings in Autodesk Inventor, and then lets a Sales engineer quickly create 100% valid designs with a few simple questions directly in Autodesk Inventor.

Features and Benefits


Automatically produce complete 2D drawings and 3D models of custom manufacturing products


Eliminate costly design errors with the configurator powered tool that offers the optimal solution


Free up engineers to innovate your products by automating repetitive CAD tasks


Embed within your familiar CAD environment, reducing the learning curve

Manufacturers across the globe trust Tacton Design Automation


“Using Tacton we saved significant time with fewer design errors”


“Before Tacton, tasks could take three days, now they take 10 to 15 minutes”


“With Tacton Design Automation, the drawings and even bill of materials are now generated at the same time as the proposal”

Our Design Automation Partners


Tacton for SolidWorks can quickly create 3D CAD models and 2D drawings

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Tacton for Autodesk Inventor will always produce models and drawings that are valid

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Engineers will spend less time on repetitive tasks by integrating with PTC Creo

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Design Automation Video Library

Get started with a collection of webinar recordings and informational videos about Design Automation.

What Does Automation Design Software Do?

In a product design studio, automation technology can help optimize the process with various innovative features. This includes parametric modeling, rule-based design, 3D visualization, and integration with other tools. It caters to engineers, product designers, and businesses that need to design products quickly and efficiently.

Using automation in design significantly speeds up the process. It allows businesses to create complex and customized products quickly and with less errors compared to designing them manually. It also helps make the team more productive with features like rule-based configuration, visualization, automated 2D and 3D models, and strong integration with existing systems.

Our Design Automation Software: Features

Automated 2D and 3D Designs

Automatically generate 2D drawings or 3D models based on specifications and custom designs. Our automation design software includes visualization tools to help users see changes in real time.


Configurator Tool

The configurator tool enables users to customize product designs efficiently based on predefined rules and constraints. Its main purpose is to streamline the design process and validate it instantly, preventing it from creating an invalid configuration.

Once you set up your design for automation using the configurator tool, you’ll eliminate costly design errors that take time and money to repair.

Automation Scripts and Workflows

Gain access to a robust scripting language that allows you to program the software to perform tasks and sequences automatically within your CAD program. This is especially useful for eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Our automation design software speeds up the workflow of your engineers considerably, freeing them up to focus on more productive parts of your project.


CAD Integration

Our mechanical design automation system can be integrated into all major CAD software, including AutoCAD, Catia, and Solidworks. Automation can be applied to major tasks, such as detailed modeling and drafting.

In addition, our automation design software supports common CAD file formats to ensure interoperability with other design systems and engineering tools. This helps it to work seamlessly with the rest of your product design pipeline.It also reduces costly design errors to deliver optimal solutions.

Why Tacton?

Tacton is the world leader in manufacturing-specific software solutions, including our award-winning CPQ platform and automation system design. Proof of this is in our various recognitions and accolades from industry authorities, including Gartner, Accenture, and Frost & Sullivan. Experience our products firsthand by visiting our website or contacting us to learn more.

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