Tacton CPQ for Sustainable Manufacturing

Configuring the optimal solution with CPQ can help reduce environmental impact and reach your sustainability goals

Enable anyone to create optimized, sustainable products with CPQ for sustainable manufacturing

Traditionally, CPQ has been utilized as a sales tool that connects your sales process from configuration through product delivery, but there are some hidden benefits that are helping manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals.

Tacton CPQ enables anyone to configure the optimal solution based on sustainability product requirements. CPQ enables anyone to configure an optimized solution by automatically using sustainable materials, reducing wasteful components, and oversizing while ensuring operational energy consumption. Tacton is helping leading manufacturers reimagine their business models to meet the adapt to their environmental needs.


Create sustainable product configuration

Optimize products to be in line with local emission regulations

Reduce waste

Utilize resources for energy efficiently

Tacton at STHLM +50 Climate Hub

Watch the great panel discussion from the STHLM +50 Climate Hub while they discuss the important topic: How can manufacturers get buyers to make more sustainable choices?

Manufacturers trust Tacton with their sustainability goals

“For us at Plus Pack, we needed a tool that would not only allow us to implement a partnership strategy with our customers but also that would allow our production to run more efficiently and to ensure that we can deliver exactly what was promised

Tacton Summit
“Conscious Manufacturing”

How to manage complexity and compliance with a focus on sustainability

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