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Tacton CPQ Administration

Our enterprise ready SaaS platform makes B2B manufacturing sales simple – both for front-office sales staff and for your product experts, pricing officers and business process owners. Bring the power of CPQ and SaaS to your organization.

How Tacton CPQ Administration helps manufacturing companies


Get control of your CPQ behavior and data

With our powerful yet easy to use Tacton Administration, you control the behavior, structure and data of your Tacton CPQ yourself. This is where your product & pricing experts and process owners define products, pricing, documents, permissions, workflows and more. With our smart ticketing system, your geographically distributed teams can work on their parts and then merge and test each other’s data through simulated front-ends. After collaborative quality assurance, the new logic and data are then released to the front-end staging or production environment to your sales force. Take ownership of your CPQ, stay agile and minimize dependency of consultants.
Watch this video to learn how to work with Tacton Administration tickets.


Powerful and quality-assured product models – without coding

Defining the configuration logic, data and user interface for your offered products is at the core of Tacton CPQ. With powerful product modeling tools, and help from Tacton Academy, your product experts can themselves set up product architecture, define and validate attribute constraints, define the BOM structure, change data as well as design the configurator look-and-feel. Without any coding skills.

With inspections and validation tools, the modeler detects inconsistencies early before the product model is released to the front-end sales users. If you have multiple product experts for different parts of the product architecture, they can do their respective parts and then merge their efforts into a complete product model directly in our SaaS tool. With Tacton, you control what product variance you offer to the various markets and sales channels. With your product experts in the driver seat – and not developers – your transition from Engineer-to-Order to Configure-to-order will accelerate.

Watch this demo to learn more


Let your pricing officers control price execution for all products and markets in one place

If you have basic cost-plus or list-less price model, you are ready to go from day one with our out-of-the-box templates. But adjusting your price waterfall with additional columns and calculation formulas is easy – without coding skills. Choose the price type that fits best with your product – one-time, recurring or usage-based. Define visibility and editability rules for your direct sales, channel or self-service channels.
And once the price logic is defined, keeping base price data, currency rates, reseller agreement levels and customer discounts levels updated, can be automated through integrations to price management system or ERP. Make complex pricing simple – for all sales channels and markets.


Configurable data object model

Quick-start your CPQ with our standard lightweight CRM objects, including Account, Opportunity, Solution, Quote, Configured Product, Approval and Contact. Or add custom objects to support your business processes. Attributes, lists, page layout, permissions and workflows for any object type are configurable through point and click interface – no coding required.


Protect your business with data governance

Use roles and organizational trees to define how your CPQ users can read and edit transactional data. Restrict the access for your sales divisions, subsidiaries and distributors in order to protect your business, for product eligibility, price data and other sales data.

In Tacton Administration you can restrict access to sensitive master data, e.g. price lists, to ensure that your CPQ administrators only get access to what they need.


Leverage the power of SaaS

With Tacton CPQ you get all upsides of a SaaS product: Low or no IT maintenance costs, as well as better uptime. Best of all, every week new value adding CPQ features are directly added into your CPQ environment. Before releasing to production, you get ample of time to review and adjust those features in your test and staging environments. In this way, you are quickly able to take advantage of all the good innovations created by Tacton’s R&D department. That’s what we call continuous delivery.


Workflows and approvals

Even though the Configure-to-order flow in CPQ handles the majority of your product variability, some special requests still need to be verified and manually adjusted by sales engineering. Tacton CPQ provides standard technical approval flows which can be customized to your processes. In addition, if your sales reps have good reasons to breach the automatic margin control, multi-step business approvals comes out-of-the box.


Strengthen your sales partner network with a sales tool they can trust

Empower both direct sales and resellers with CPQ. Create reseller specific pricing and product eligibility rules, ensuring that you honor the agreements with your sales partners. Ensure that resellers are selling your latest and greatest products with the correct price list. Attract more partners with a CPQ sales tool that allows each reseller to customize and brand their quotes. And once the reseller lands the deal, send the 100% correct order automatically into both your and their ERPs for smooth operations.


Localization: Think global – act local

Ensure that your local sales reps and resellers get CPQ suited to their context. Tacton CPQ has full language support not only for the Sales rep users, but also for generated quotes and tech specs. Time zones, currency support and seamless conversion between units of measure system make the data more accessible for CPQ users and end customers. If your local subsidiaries or resellers need unique look and feel of the CPQ application and quotes, our branding capabilities are here to help.
Watch video on Tacton CPQ’s Units of Measure capability


Easy access

Tacton CPQ is accessible through any standard browser and has a tablet friendly interface. Authentication Methods include Basic Auth (2FA app), OpenID, SAML, OAuth and API Key.

Onboard Sales rep within minutes – realize faster ROI with contextual help in Tacton CPQ

Tacton CPQ makes it easier for you as a CPQ system owner to win the hearts and minds of your Tacton CPQ end users by our contextual help. Through our integration with Digital Adoption Platforms, you can now make help and guides available in different places inside Tacton CPQ.

All the help content is then created and maintained in your Digital Adoption Platform, which then also defines how you can create the contextual help showing up in Tacton CPQ.

With Tacton CPQ’s Digital Adoption Platform integration, you get your end users onboard more effectively, decreasing the time to value for your CPQ investment.

The results of Tacton CPQ*

Sales and quoting labor cost savings
Order error cost savings
Increased profit from more orders

*Data from manufacturers using Tacton CPQ

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“Tacton was the only solution we found that makes it possible to approach a configuration from different angles”

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