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Results with Tacton CPQ

See how the benefits of CPQ become an engine of growth

Significant and quantifiable business transformation*

Sales and quoting labor cost savings
Order error cost savings
Increased profit from more orders

*Data from manufacturers using Tacton CPQ. Learn more about Tacton Value Management Research

How CPQ becomes an engine of growth

Product diversity has been the enemy of operational efficiency. Not anymore. With Tacton’s trusted CPQ solution, you can sell highly complex, individualized products as if they were standard.


Increase revenue

  • Increased sales volume
  • Increased price
  • Time to volume revenue increase

Decrease cost

  • Quote creation & change order cost savings
  • Order management & order error cost savings
  • Reduced project margin degradation
  • Sales staff & support cost saving
  • Claims cost savings
  • Production cost savings
  • Business intelligence & IT cost savings
  • Time to market cost savings

Reduce risk

  • Liability risk reduction
  • Regulatory risk reduction

Strengthen brand

  • Customize quotes and documents with your branding
  • Accurate quotes improve brand trust

Flawless and Fast Customer Experience

  • Rich solution, pricing and CAD details early in the buying journey creates trust and empowers procurement teams to make more informed buying decisions
  • Increase win-rates with faster turn-around times for customers’ inquiries
  • First-time-right buying experience increases customer satisfaction rates and drives revenue
  • Optimized product fit increases win-rates and improves correct price points
  • Increase win rates with engaging visual and geometric materials in the buying journey
  • Focus the buying dialogue on needs and value rather than technical solutions
  • Enable selling configurable products across channels – let customer decide which channel is best for their procurement project
  • Lead Generation – let customers explore your full portfolio anonymously, thereby influencing their buying criteria in the RFQ to your advantage

Smooth & Disruption Proof End-to-End Operations

  • Improve efficiency by digitizing and automate manual processes – replace ETO with CTO for your new equipment sales
  • Improve internal collaboration with connected data across your business functions
  • Decrease costs for introducing and maintaining products and prices – in all sales channels
  • Decrease cost of sales with less reliance on sales engineering functions
  • Increase win-rates with faster response times and quoting cycles
  • Increase revenue with more quotes per sales rep
  • Decrease costs for quote errors, order errors and claims
  • By embedding product intelligence in the CPQ tool, you become resilient when key sales and engineering resources leave  the company
  • Better sales and production forecasting with detailed quotes early in the sales cycle
  • Faster time-to-market for new products and features (configurator picks the best technical solution based on the customer needs)
  • Increase revenue by selling the full portfolio in more sales channels with less required technical skills
  • Faster ramp-up times of sales reps – even junior sales reps can confidently sell complex solutions

Manage Complexity & Compliance

  • Reduce cost and risk in managing complexity – on all levels
  • By hiding complexity from front-office tools (incl self-service), your sales power is faster to ramp-up and maintain
  • By reducing cost for managing regional compliance and sales channels, you can expand your sales markets globally, enabling new revenue streams
  • Faster response times to regulatory changes
  • Increase win-rates by offerings products that are correct, complete and compatible
  • Reduce costs, and reach your sustainability goals by removing oversizing and waste in your offered products
  • By automating your Life-cycle Assessment estimations for configurable products, you reduce sustainability costs
  • Stay disruption-proof of future regulatory frameworks

Tacton Value Management: How we estimate, verify and document success

Using renowned business research methods from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Tacton quantifies the business outcomes of Tacton CPQ for our customers – and then use that data to reliably estimate the value for prospects and customers-to-be.

To learn more, watch the video, download our flyer or eBook.

How Tacton CPQ is different from other CPQ vendors


Unique Configuration Engine

Our constraint-based configuration engine is uniquely designed to handle complex manufacturing equipment with high product variance and yet reduce your product information maintenance costs.


25 years of manufacturing expertise

Our long experience with digital transformation projects within complex manufacturing has generated unique product capabilities as well as strategic know-how to ensure CPQ project success.


Inhouse CAD automation and Visualization solutions

Reduce dependencies to other companies and maximize performance with Tacton’s CPQ value added and future-proof options.


Needs-Based Configuration

Translate customer needs into a 100% accurate technical solution ready for order, empowering non-tech users to configure highly complex equipment on their own.



With needs-based configuration Tacton selects the right solution. With optimization, Tacton selects the best solution for the customer’s purchasing drivers.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Analysts and customers alike rate Tacton CPQ as the best CPQ for manufacturing.

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