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CPQ for Fluid Control Systems

Streamline Sales of Process Valves, Sensors and Controls with CPQ for Fluid Control Systems


Whether it’s measuring, dosing, mixing, filtering, controlling, setting or regulating, customers who purchase fluid control systems and equipment for refinement have increasingly high expectations. Slow, inefficient quoting won’t keep these customers for long, so it’s critical for processing manufacturers to improve operational efficiencies for an enhanced customer experience. Tacton CPQ software for fluid control systems helps manufacturers improve operations, sell faster and create an omnichannel buying and selling journey.

Creating a better buying and selling experience with solutions such as Visual Configuration will help your teams create loyal customers and higher profits.

Address any challenges with CPQ for Fluid Control


100% Quote and Configuration Accuracy

Create 100% customized quotes in minutes instead of days using Tacton CPQ


Handle all Variance

Utilize CPQ to deal with any client specifications and variants with a single source of truth


Become Truly Customer Centric

Handle any customer request with ease using needs-based configuration, while also offering an omnichannel experience complete with self-service

Discover how Valmet streamlines sales process in a complex IT infrastructure with Tacton

Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries with over 17,500 professionals around the world. Headquartered in Finland, Valmet sells some of the most complex pieces of machinery in the world, including pulp and paper machines several hundred meters long. ​

Listen to Miika Helenius, Solution Architect for CPQ at Valmet, as he explains how Valmet creates value with Tacton CPQ.

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