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CPQ for Packaging and Production Lines

Utilize CPQ software for Packaging and Production Lines for Fully Custom Orders


Create a New and Engaging Customer Experience with CPQ for Packaging and Production Lines

In the packaging and production line industry speed counts. Manufacturers have struggled with thousands of configurable options and parameters for packaging and food processing in the past. The knowledge required to configure packaging and production products for a customer is immense, and sales teams often run into difficulty knowing how to best address customer needs and position the best solution.

These challenges cause delays in operations and leave your customer considering other options. Now is the time manufacturers need to invest in solutions that improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience. All of this and more can be addressed using CPQ software. CPQ can speed up your internal operations while also enabling an exciting customer experience.

Address any challenges with CPQ for Packaging and Production Lines


Accelerate Sales

Enable your sales team to quickly quote products with 100% accuracy with CPQ. That even includes total cost of ownership (TCO) and Engineer-to-Order Requests (ETO).


Reduce Quote Time

Reducing quoting time from days to minutes gives you sales team a better opportunity to give your customers a quote they can use.


Configure Any Customer Need

 Tacton CPQ allows packaging manufacturers to configure every single solution based on customer needs and optimize it based on their customers’ purchasing drivers.


Meet Customers Anywhere

With customers more likely to buy products online it’s time manufacturers offer ways to share and sell their product portfolio online using self-service options for customers.

See Tacton CPQ in action

See how Tacton CPQ empowers a sales rep of a bottling machine manufacturer to configure, price, and quote, highly individualized still hundred percent accurate solutions to a prospect – without the involvement of engineering.

Our Happy Packaging Customers


“We have a great cooperation with Tacton, we’ve found them to be very flexible and responsive. It feels more like a partnership rather than a customer”


“Tacton was the only solution we found that makes it possible to approach a configuration from different angles”


“With CPQ our sales teams could
interpret the needs of the customer and quickly
identify which solutions within our entire product
line best met those needs”

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