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Tacton CPQ Analytics

Tacton CPQ Analytics enables manufacturers to use transactional data from Tacton CPQ to discover vital sales and product insights about products and customers.


Your Business Intelligence challenges

Data driven organizations are more successful than others. But how do you collect data about your customers’ needs and why they select you – or not select you? Tacton CPQ Analytics is here to help

How Tacton CPQ Analytics helps manufacturing companies


Extract transactional data from CPQ

After your sales reps and customers have used Tacton CPQ to sell and buy your products, it holds a wealth of data types not present elsewhere in your enterprise systems. This includes configuration selections, sales BOMs, pricing levels, won-lost data, and more. With the API for Analytics you effectively extract large amounts of such transactional data from Tacton CPQ.


Use your preferred BI tool for analysis

Transfer collected data from your CPQ to your preferred Business Intelligence tool or data layer, e.g. Qlik, Microsoft BI or Tableau. We provide templates for data import and refinement for Qlik Sense.


Explore your CPQ and enterprise data in your BI tool

With Tacton CPQ analytics, you combine your CPQ data with data from your ERP, CRM  and PLM to optimize your business insights. Putting more focus on your customer and product data will change how you do business.

See Tacton CPQ Analytics in action

See how Tacton CPQ data drives business insights in six different use cases inside Qlik business intelligence tool. The data shown originates from a fictitious elevator manufacturer – Parker Lifts.

How Tacton CPQ Analytics drives value in your organization


Understand what options and features are selling, and which are not. Discover insights based on demand patterns, quoted vs not quoted parts, learn which products bring the most value


Pinpoint deal characteristics linked to wins and losses


Eliminating unnecessary portfolio content will help your sales team by removing components and save them fewer clicks with guided selling


Design specific configurations that are adapted to region, market and customer to accelerate your sales

The business results of Tacton CPQ Analytics

CPQ Data is Unique

In your CPQ you find data types that aren’t stored elsewhere- including sales cycles, quote versions, process information, connection between customer needs and BoM etc

Sales Insights

Learn details about product options, features and which services are most in-demand with your customers, and pinpoint deal characteristics linked to wins and losses

Gain Product Insights

Discover insights based on demand patterns, quoted vs not quoted parts, learn which products bring the most value

Manufacturers across the globe trust Tacton


“Tacton helped us reduce our design time significantly by making our product portfolio ready-made to fit perfectly together”


“Tacton ensures that products are already validated from a design and manufacturing point of view before an order is even placed”


“With CPQ our sales teams could interpret the needs of the customer and quickly identify which solutions within our entire product line best met those needs”

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