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CPQ for Heavy and Specialty Vehicle Manufacturers

Customize, Configure, Price and Quote with CPQ Software for Heavy and Specialty Vehicles


At Tacton we understand the challenges heavy and specialty vehicle manufacturers face

From construction to agriculture and even commercial vehicles, selling heavy and speciality vehicles isn’t an easy task. With high-variance challenges in the product portfolio, it can lead to a slow sales process. That’s not even considering the increasingly online buying journey your customers are shifting towards. To take the driver’s seat in the race for prospects it’s time to utilize cutting-edge solutions to streamline inefficient process and an ever-changing customer journey. CPQ software is the way leading heavy and specialty vehicle manufacturers are streamlining process and giving an exciting customer journey with Visual Configuration.

Address any challenges with CPQ for Heavy and Specialty Vehicles


Accelerate Sales

Enable your sales team to quickly quote products with 100% accuracy with CPQ. That even includes total cost of ownership (TCO) and Engineer-to-Order Requests (ETO).


Give visuals to your customer

With 3D visualization, its’ easier than ever to create an immersive, interactive experience for customized heavy and specialty vehicle products, in real-time.


Meet customers anywhere

Offering an omnichannel sales experience with self-service makes it easier than ever to interact with customers any time they want.


Ease of use for dealers and 3rd party body builders

Make any dealer an expert with CPQ software for heavy and speciality vehicle manufacturers.

Our Happy Heavy and Speciality Vehicle Customers


“What convinced us early on was Tacton’s know-how in visual configuration and their industry expertise”


“Tacton helped us reduce our design time significantly by making our product portfolio ready-made to fit perfectly together”


“Tacton ensures that products are already validated from a design and manufacturing point of view before an order is even placed”

Manufacturers Achieve*

Efficiency increase
Sales volume increase
Increase in profit

*Results based on a Tacton Customer Value study

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