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Tacton CPQ Quote and Document Generation

Increase your win rates with rich, accurate and branded quote documents. Empower your sales reps to generate quotes of complex capital equipment and services. With a click of a button. Without requiring technical or sales engineering knowledge.


Your quoting challenges

Compelling and accurate quotes are essential to win B2B deals. For every customer inquiry or requirement change, quote revisions need to be presented fast, to keep your prospect from turning to your competitors. If offering and pricing are inaccurate or inconsistent across quote revisions, customer’s trust will be lost. ​

As your products become more individualized and undergo changes, manual quoting becomes cumbersome, slow and prone to errors. How many times did your sales reps copy old quotes to new customers, including faulty outdated product features and prices? How many times did your prospect walk away because your sales engineering department was slow to generate a solution and cost estimate?​

Leave the era of manual quoting behind with Tacton CPQ’s automated quoting solutions.

How Tacton CPQ Quote and Document Generation helps manufacturing companies


Data-driven documents means accuracy ​

Any data created by the configuration, pricing or CPQ platform, can be leveraged in the quote content to ensure the best results. Since that data has been validated with Tacton CPQ’s configure-to-order constraints and pricing rules, quote accuracy will be safeguarded. Your quotes will always contain your latest and greatest product options and prices, in addition to the correct legal terms. With data-driven documents you will sell with certainty and quote with confidence. First time right – every time.


Fast quoting without technical support​

With one-click generation, your sales reps can create accurate quotes any time in the sales process – without the involvement of technical support. Minutes after your customer’s inquiry or requirement change, she will have a new quote in her inbox, effectively warding off competitors from your deal.

Effortless quoting means more quotes per sales rep, increasing revenue for your company.


Rich in detail – early in the sales process

Since Tacton configuration always presents a full technical solution, the offering in the quote is detailed and rich, down to customer requirements and sales Bill-of-material items. With full price adjustments and discounts, customer net prices can be shown early in the sales process, avoiding surprises down the road. Rich quote data means more informed investment decisions by the customer – earlier in the deal. This will close more deals faster.

With Tacton CPQ options you can further enrich your quotes with product visualizations and CAD drawings.


Branding and document layout

Since Tacton CPQ document templates are built in Microsoft Office-programs you can leverage all the branding and layout capabilities they offer, including fonts, styling, graphics, tables, document structure, table of contents and more. First impressions last – make sure you are on brand in every quote.


Use it for more than quotes

Leverage CPQ’s transactional data for other salessupporting document types, such as tech specs, operation manuals, contracts, safety instructions, pricing reports and more. With support for Word, Excel and PDFs, only your imagination sets the limits on how to use our document solutions.


Flexible to win more deals

Although Tacton CPQ strengthens a consistent quoting process in your sales organization, it also allows sales reps to adjust quotes according to the situation at hand. For instance, sales reps can decide on what quote chapters to include or exclude for any given revision. Or you can open up for a sales rep to add their own material into the quote.


Share quotes and collaborate with customer​

Stop getting lost in endless email threads and use Tacton Proposal Collaboration to share quote revisions with customers – including 2D and 3D drawings. With quote collaboration, all the deals’ quote revisions are collected in one place for your customer’s procurement team, whose members can then login, respond, comment and even upload their own documents as input in the deal. Stay structured and make the buying process simpler for your customer with Tacton Proposal Collaboration.


All sales channels supported

Leverage the power of Tacton CPQ Quote and Document Generation in all sales channels, including Direct Sales, Resellers and Customer self-service. This will radically increase your quoting volumes and boost your order influx. If you have resellers in your CPQ, each reseller can have its own quote structure and branding.


Project sales collaboration

Large deals are a team effort. With powerful CPQ collaboration tools, including comments, concurrent editing, dashboards and notifications, your sales projects will run efficient and smooth.

The results of Tacton CPQ*

Sales and quoting labor cost savings
Order error cost savings
Increased profit from more orders

*Data from manufacturers using Tacton CPQ

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How the CPQ Process Works

The first step of the CPQ process is product configuration. Here, a sales agent or end user inputs specific requirements for a product. This could be features, specifications, quantities, and other configurable options. The system often guides the user through a step-by-step process to ensure the selected options are valid and comply with business rules and production constraints.

Next is pricing. CPQ systems consider factors such as features, quantities, discounts, and components to arrive at an accurate price for a product configuration. This is all done in real-time as users configure the product.

Last is quote generation for CPQ. After the product pricing is set, the system automatically creates a detailed quote document. Most systems allow freedom on the data included in the quote, as well as the design and format.

The advantage of a CPQ process is that all the relevant product information is stored in a single location, making it easily accessible to anyone and on any device.

Our CPQ Quote Generation Software Features

Flexible document design

Configure every aspect of the quote generated by Tacton CPQ. Add details, import your logos, and create designs to fit your branding – all in an easy-to-use interface.


Powerful document generator

Tacton CQP gives you access to every product information, including pricing, bill of materials, discounts, and requirements. This enables teams to enrich their quotes with detailed data, impressing clients and increasing the likelihood of closing the deal.


One-click quote generation

Create and change quotes quickly with just a few clicks, even without any technical expertise.

Export to any file format

Tacton CPQ supports multiple file formats, including Word, Excel, and PDFs. Then, share it easily with clients using the platform’s powerful sharing and collaboration features.


Client collaboration features

Enhance your quotes and collaboration between clients and sales teams by establishing a centralized location for all documents. This approach allows everyone involved to add, edit, and approve quotations in one place, providing comprehensive visibility into the status of all your proposals.


Access anywhere

Tacton CPQ is cloud-based, so your staff can access it anytime and anywhere, providing tremendous flexibility and versatility.

CPQ Quote Generation for Every Industry

Heavy Vehicles

Selling heavy vehicles can be complicated, thanks to strict regulations, safety standards, and various configurable options. This can slow down the sales process considerably. CPQ process can speed this up by providing pricing and quotations quickly and dynamically, leading to faster and more closed sales. Find out more on CPQ software for heavy vehicle manufacturers.



Packaging equipment comes with a myriad of configurations tailored to specific applications. For example, a machine designed for filling bottles will differ significantly from one for cans. CPQ systems are crucial in equipping sales teams with instant technical information, allowing them to concentrate on selling and delivering an outstanding customer experience. Click here to find out more about CPQ software for packaging.


Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial machines are one of the most complex to sell because they’re highly customizable. Creating and manually changing quotes for these products is time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. CPQ systems are the perfect solution with their automation and visualization tools. Learn more about CPQ software for industrial manufacturing.


Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing is a very competitive and challenging industry to dominate. Companies must follow strict regulations and inefficient processes to close the deal. Implementing a CPQ system offers a significant competitive advantage for manufacturers. It empowers them to develop precise configurations, ensuring their offerings are tailored and reliable. Read more on CPQ software for medical devices.

Power Generation

Manufacturing Power Generation machines, such as engines and turbines, present unique challenges due to the extensive customization required. Each client’s requirements are distinct, making CPQ systems indispensable. These systems facilitate the creation of accurate quotes for highly customized products, significantly reducing errors and accelerating the sales cycle. Find out more about CPQ software for power generation.


Fluid Control Systems

Fluid control systems and equipment are some of the most complicated to sell in any industry. That’s because manufacturing them requires a high degree of precision and efficiency. Using CPQ software can help streamline the system, reduce errors, and deliver a great sales experience. Learn more about CPQ software for fluid control systems.


Elevators and Lifts

The elevator and lift industry is fiercely competitive, with numerous vendors competing for clients’ attention. The complexity of configuring and pricing these products adds to the challenge of the sales process. However, utilizing CPQ software can streamline this process. It enables the rapid generation of precise quotes, significantly enhancing your ability to quickly win over clients in this competitive market. Read about CPQ software for elevators and lifts.

Why Tacton?

Tacton stands as a frontrunner in the CPQ solution industry. With over 25 years of experience, we have empowered manufacturers of various scales to enhance productivity and cost-efficiency, particularly in a marketplace where customization is crucial for success. Our proficiency and commitment to quality have garnered the confidence of renowned global brands, including Siemens, Yaskawa, and Husky. Additionally, we take pride in being recognized as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for CPQ, a testament to our dedication and expertise in the field.

CPQ Software FAQs


What does CPQ mean?

CPQ stands for “Configure, Price, Quote,” which refers to the three major functionalities of CPQ software.

The goal of CPQ software is to automate the pricing and quotation aspects of product sales, as they tend to be the longest and most complicated. This is especially true in industries where products have multiple configurations and variants, which could lead to pricing, inventory, and supply chain issues.

When used right, CPQ can streamline the product lifecycle, reduce errors in pricing and configuration, and improve the overall customer experience.

CPQ systems are widely utilized across various sectors, including manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. Essentially, they are integral for any business that demands customized products or services.


How does CPQ help with quote generation?

The problem with manual quote generation is that it’s tedious and error-prone.

Consider a scenario where a client requests a unique product configuration. To provide an accurate quote, you would first need to consult with the engineering team to determine the costs involved, including raw materials and components. This process can be time-consuming, potentially taking hours or even days, which may result in losing a sale due to delays.

CPQ systems revolutionize this process through automation. They allow end users to create product configurations in 2D or 3D, after which the system automatically calculates the price and generates a quote in a matter of minutes, with just a few clicks.

This efficiency is particularly advantageous when clients request changes in the product configuration. The CPQ system immediately updates the price to reflect these changes, generating an updated quote. This rapid response capability of CPQ systems enhances efficiency and significantly improves customer satisfaction and sales success.


What kind of training is required to run CPQ software?

The level of training necessary for CPQ software varies, but platforms like Tacton CPQ are designed for ease of use, requiring minimal to no training. This user-friendly approach ensures that anyone within the organization can efficiently utilize the software, regardless of their technical expertise.

Tacton CPQ features an intuitive visualization tool, enabling sales agents and customers to easily create and modify product configurations with just a few clicks.

Additionally, the system can automatically generate CAD drawings based on these configurations, which can then be seamlessly forwarded to the engineering team for further processing. This streamlined approach simplifies the configuration process, making it accessible and efficient for all users.


What are some key features of CPQ software?

When selecting CPQ software, things to look out for include dynamic pricing, powerful visualization, automated quote generation, integration with other platforms (especially CRM and ERP), and analytics. Ideally, the CPQ system should be cloud-based to ensure easy accessibility for all members of your organization.


Dynamic Proposal Documents with CPQ Proposal Software