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CPQ Software for Marketing

Generate High-Quality Leads with CPQ Software for Marketing

Enable Your Team to Showcase Highly Configurable Products Online

Manufacturing customers are spending more time researching products online before engaging with an organization. Making your manufacturing products available online is vital to generating quality leads and building a sustainable sales pipeline. Creating quality leads is easier with intuitive ways of showcasing products in a visually immersive fashion for your customers to engage with online.

CPQ for marketing enables your manufacturing operation to drive leads using online configurations with stunning product visualizations. Even showing how they’ll fit in your buyers real-life environment. Check out how we do it with Scania’s online configurator. If you want to learn more before your demo, check out our complete guide to CPQ!

How CPQ Software for Marketing helps manufacturing teams


Guided Selling

Ensure customers can configure manufacturing products based on their needs with guided selling


Generate Leads

Enable prospects and current customers to configure their own custom products by putting your entire, customizable products online


Real-Time Visuals

Instead of leaving visuals to the imagination of the buyer it’s possible to capture their attention with 3D visualization—ensuring products can be seen and engaged with in real-time

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