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Tacton CPQ CAD Automation

Enable anyone to create accurate 2D/3D Computer Aided-Design (CAD) drawings for any configured product with our design automation software

CAD Automation done right, by anyone

Streamline your sales process by automatically generating technical drawings of highly individualized and complex manufacturing products – without the involvement of technical teams.


Your challenges

If you are selling complex industrial machinery and equipment, you know how valuable CAD support files and technical drawings are to your sales process. They ensure clarity and alignment with your customer’s requirements, as well as a seamless process from quote, to order, to fulfillment.

But creating CAD files for every custom product and quote – and quote version – requires costly sales engineering man hours, stalling your sales process and increasing your sales cost. So, simply automate it with Tacton CPQ CAD Automation.

How Tacton CPQ CAD Automation helps manufacturing companies


Supporting SolidWorks, Creo and Inventor

We support the most common CAD and MCAD software in the manufacturing space. Easily link CAD systems and files to your Tacton CPQ workflow.


Over 50 CAD file export formats supported

Tacton CPQ CAD automation can create files in most formats supported by your electronic or machine CAD system. In this way you can tailor the CAD files and drawings to the needs of the person who is going to use them, e.g. customer stakeholders, installation engineers, supply chain or architects.

One-click CAD file generation for your sales reps

With Tacton CPQ your sales reps and resellers can configure millions of accurate variants of your product, in order to meet the needs of your demanding customer. With CAD Automation they can then generate detailed technical drawings of the configured product – literally the click of a button. Neither CAD software nor CAD skills are required.

Let sales engineering and your product experts focus on product innovation and let Tacton CPQ CAD Automation handle the day-to-day routine CAD works.


Let your end customers generate the technical drawings themselves

With Tacton CPQ Customer Self service technology, you enable end customers to configure their own products in your eCommerce web shop. Adding CAD automation tools to the mix, they can serve themselves with technical drawings of the product they have configured, before they proceed to checkout and order. That’s what we call a no-touch sales and ordering process.


Neither CAD software nor CAD skills required

CAD automation happens directly in the web browser in our SaaS enabled Tacton CPQ sales tool or in your web shop. It requires no CAD application software installed on the computer, nor any CAD skills. When we say a click-of-a button CAD automation that is what we mean.


Error free drawings

Since Tacton configurator effectively generates valid-only product variants, so will the resulting CAD automation drawings. With less manual design work and fewer manual internal handovers, CAD automation brings accuracy to your technical drawings.


Effective sharing of the generated CAD files

Your direct or reseller sales reps can share the CAD files with customers through Tacton CPQ’s Proposal collaboration feature together with other quote documents. If you are using Tacton CPQ’s CRM integrations to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, CAD files and quote documents can be made accessible there, becoming assets to be used in your customer conversations out of CRM.

If you store CAD projects in a Product Data Management system (PDM), we can also automatically store the CAD files and its revisions there.


Easy set-up: Map configuration logic to your CAD parts

Through CAD mapping, you connect the logic, constraints and BOM items in the Tacton product configuration model with the CAD parts and parameters in your CAD system. In this way, the product integrity ensured by Tacton configurator will propagate into the CAD design and technical drawings.

Upgrade from Tacton Design Automation to Tacton CPQ CAD automation

If you use Tacton’s Design Automation product in your CAD engineering department you already know the value associated with configuration-driven CAD design, both in terms of speed and accuracy.
By upgrading your Tacton Design Automation to Tacton CPQ’s CAD Automation, you empower non-engineers to generate automatic CAD design of configurable products – with a click of a button directly in a web browser. By adding automatic pricing and quote generation to the mix, you suddenly have a full-fledged sales automation in place.
Watch this video to learn how to leverage your Design Automation investment and integrate automated CAD design in your Configure-Price-Quote sales process – for both direct sales, resellers and customer self-service.

See Tacton CPQ CAD automation in action – from set-up all the way to activation in your sales organization

The business results of Tacton CPQ CAD Automation


Reduce Costs

  • Less reliance on manual labor from sales engineering
  • Reduce design and drawing errors with configurator-driven data
  • Reduce customer misunderstandings, by providing detailed and accurate drawings and CAD files early in the sales process
  • Kick-start production, installation and commissioning of the product with already available CAD files at the time of order

Increase revenue

  • Faster turn-arounds in sales will increase win-rate and provide the best customer experience
  • Automation features will enable more quotes per sales rep, thereby increasing revenue
  • Empower the customer’s procurement teams to make faster decisions, speeding up your sales and quote-to-cash process

Increase your competitive edge

  • Instead of repetitious and tedious design tasks in sales, let your product experts focus on innovation, new Products and value-creating tasks
  • Allows you to offer individualized designs at much lower cost, giving you a competitive edge

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