eBook: Product Configuration Analytics

The plugin for business value enhancement in product configuration analytics

Our Partner BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots and a global reach. They recently put together a comprehensive eBook on Product Configuration analytics.

Data-driven solutions have taken many business processes onto the next digital level. Big data analytics enables predictions into the near future and serves as a central strategy lever. However, looking at product sales processes and product management, companies do not recognize the power hidden in their data.

Especially in product configuration-based scenarios, only 25 percent of enterprises use their data for advanced analysis. Despite the increasing overall importance of product configuration, companies miss out on high potentials to innovate their processes using advanced data insight technologies.

What’s in the product configuration analytics eBook?

  • The importance of data-driven decisions when using product configuration
  • Creating business innovations by analyzing existing product configuration data and placing data at the core of business decisions.
  • Visual analytics, configuration AI, price optimization and more!

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