eBook: Fitting CPQ into Your System Architecture

Fitting CPQ into Your System Architecture is the first step to a truly digital manufacturing operation

Creating a harmonious landscape is easier said than done. Without proper thought about how the pieces fit together adopting CPQ tools can become a fools’ errand. That’s why defining how each piece of the landscape puzzle will fit together can give answers to use which product and when. When implemented in your tech stack, CPQ provides the single source of data truth for the entire organization to operate on, regardless of the system they use.

While CPQ is the foundational component for manufacturers to sell configurable products, it’s the integrations into the front and back-office systems that truly enable operational efficiency and a seamless customer experience. Fitting CPQ into your system architecture can reduce operational inefficiencies.

What’s in the eBook?

  • Learn how manufacturers are utilizing CPQ to connect with CRM, ERP, CAD, and even eCommerce solutions for a fully integrated customer experience.
  • Sub-workflow solutioning with CPQ
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP VC, and more

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