Webinar: Putting the Manufacturing Buyer in the Driver’s seat

Steps to Successfully Deploying Customer Self-Service in Manufacturing

The B2B buying experience in manufacturing has been exposed as high-touch, complicated, and disjointed. Partner that with recent economic uncertainty, social distancing practices, and travel restrictions, and you have a new sense of urgency to digitalize quickly!

In this webinar learn how to:

  • Accelerate Digital Commerce for growth
  • Empower customers and generate leads online through your website
  • Integrate systems for a data-driven customer experience​
  • Build customer-centricity that travels beyond front office transformation
  • Rethink customer experience through the Product and Service lifecycles

Experience a live solution demo that puts customers in the driver’s seat. We’ll demonstrate how personalized customer experiences beginning with product configuration, real-time 3D visualization and proposal collaboration creates a frictionless buying experience while increasing sales efficiency.