CPQ Software for Engineering

Optimize Your Engineer to-Order (ETO) Process with Tacton CPQ Software for Engineering

Automatically Engineer, Design and Deliver Custom Products as Fast as Standard

Engineers are bogged down with manual handovers, communication silos, and endless repetitive tasks limiting time for innovation. Ensuring your engineers have time to assess and overcome conflicting tech requirements while ensuring correctness and compatibility becomes vital to building successful products. These complicated processes lead your engineers to do endless manual work and keep your stakeholders and customers waiting. 

Tacton CPQ software was built with engineering in mind. Combining CPQ and Design Automation makes it easy to automate repetitive task allowing your engineers to focus on innovation and react to your customers’ needs. In addition to your customers, your engineering team can benefit from CPQ integrations to your business critical systems such as CAD, CRM, ERP, PLM and more.

How Does CPQ Software For Engineering Help my Team? 

Streamline Internal Processes

Easily communicate and cooperate on the solution, both with sales and the customer

Build a Solutions Library

Utilize this library to quickly engineer products that have a proven track record of working

Design in Less Time

Automatically produce complete 2D drawings and 3D models of custom products. Leaving more time for what your team does best, innovate

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